We got several reports of miracles and the Spirit moving from our team in Pakistan. Here are just some of them: “Our local pastor was preaching in a village on Friday night while we were preaching in another. A woman who was paralyzed stood up and walked while he was preaching! Meanwhile we saw God healed people’s stomachs and leg injuries at where we were!”

“We had a powerful youth/young adults camp in the mountains at 5ºC. They loved the games and were impacted during the meetings. There were many deliverances and 11 people got baptized in the Holy Spirit. Many people who have never felt the presence of God could feel His touch during the camp…. And they learnt English praise and worship songs for the first time! It was a time of breakthrough.”

“Just finished a meeting at a village. We saw healing & miracles.One small girl was partially deaf & can now hear fully. One small boy had three tumors,but two disappeared. Two ladies had back problems and were completely healed. One of them had the back problem since young! Quite a number had pain in the neck,… foot, throat and back. And all felt much better too. Praise the Lord!” Praise God for what He did in Pakistan!