Latest Updates (Mar 2013) from COVP Sabrina Low in Miri, Sarawak.


Someone once said, “You haven’t really started living until you step out of the boat and walk on water“.


“Step out of the boat” we did when we launched a youth service in Miri in Aug 2012 by faith (because the last recorded attendance in the youth camp I spoke in Dec 2011 was just 18 people.) But when we are obedient to the Word of God and we do our part by stepping out of the boat, God will cause a supernatural miracle to happen that will lead us to walk on water.

We had our first youth service of 2013 on the last Saturday of January and God blew our minds when 95 people showed up in attendance and 17 youths gave their lives to Jesus Christ! This has to be God! The youth ministry is really picking up momentum. We’re starting to put in the framework and structure into the ministry and positioning ourselves for greater growth. Preach the kingdom, build the church!

Cell group meetings started in February and we have seen follow-ups and young people who have never been integrated well into the church attend the cell meetings and are getting themselves very involved with the church activities. One of the cell group has grown from 8 to 17 in their last cell group meeting in a matter of one month! The growth has been steady and consistent and we’re tightening the assimilation process in keeping the souls.


We did a themed Youth Service in our February gathering, ‘School Rocks!’, and got everyone to come in their school uniforms. There was excitement in the air as students went around mingling with young people from other schools.  This is something new for them and so, there was a fantastic sense of anticipation in the hearts of the people.

I spoke on invading the schools in Miri with the Presence and Power of Christ and on how every school uniform didn’t just represent a school that they come from but an inheritance that God has given us. We saw 12 salvation and rededication responses in that service! Young people responded to the altar call to take ownership of their schools and to be the catalyst of difference, carrying the Presence of God.

God has granted me favour here as well. A key individual attended the Youth Service in February, and she was so blessed and impacted by it that she approached me after the service and said that they should not limit or contain me just to the local church I am seconded to. She made arrangements with the Chairman of Scripture Union and the Chairman of the Christian School Council and spoke very highly of me. I will be meeting these Chairmen soon and this is very key in penetrating and invading the schools in Miri. I will be given access to preach in schools and to do a work among the students.


We are looking forward to a fulfilling and packed out March! We have a parents session on the 8th of March, an evangelistic event with Pastor Christopher Long on the 23rd March and our monthly Youth Service on the 30th March.


We covet your prayers as we seek to raise up the next breed of young revivalists here in Miri, Sarawak.