Dear Readers of the Couriers Missions Blog,

Greetings! Philippines Team 7 Marikina has come back with an excellent report. The trip to Marikina was so enriching and amazing in every single way. We arrived in Manila on 15 Oct 14 and was warmly greeted by the two most wonderful ladies, Pastor Kathy and her pastoral assistant Angel. We adjourned to Cornerstone Church to meet the local church and attend the midweek service. The next day, we set off for the Old Folks Home where we met with the loveliest “Lolos and Lolas”(Grandpas and Grandmas). It was a wonderful time dancing with them, serving them Gatorade and “Halo Halo” (coconut dessert like bobo chacha), sharing our healing testimonies and praying with them.


In the second half of the day, the team headed for the Women’s prison. We joined the female prisoners for a church service. The most remarkable thing happened! The female prisoners began to worship with such a passion and the songs they sung in Tagalog sounded like a heavenly choir. It was heaven on earth indeed.

On Day 2, we set off to a place we call under the bridge, where the homeless set up makeshift shelters. There were several families there. We interacted and played with barefoot children and then Cheryl, one of our team members preached the Gospel of an amazing God who understands us, forgives our sins and desperately wants to be close to us. During the altar call, the people responded. Slowly, one hand after another was raised. We recorded 17 salvations that morning! Glory be to God!





That afternoon, we went to the girls home and ministered to about 90 girls aged 7-17. They were the most lively and enthusiastic bunch of girls. They were very quick to swarm around our team members all eager for our attention. They were very inquisitive, asking us for our names and our favourite colours. We performed a skit based on the story of how Samuel chose David to be King. Belle shared about how she encountered God as one who loves us intimately and treats all His daughters like princesses. Many also responded to the altar call and asked to be prayed for a touch from God. The team ministered in prayer for the each of the girls. It was time to go and the team bade a tearful and reluctant farewell to these lovely girls.


On the morning of Day 3, we set off for the orphanage. Here, we met kids that would capture your heart in an instant. These are the most adorable little toddlers and kids we have met. The team sang songs with them and Jane, our team member shared the story of how she overcame loneliness in school and shared a message of forgiveness and a God who hears our cries. Pastor Kathy sang a song in prayer for these little ones, asking God to send them a father and family they so longed for. After that we prayed for the kids and even the staff (aunties) responded. Praise the Lord! We spent some time making crowns to remind them that they are royalty in God’s eyes.


In the afternoon we visited the Boys Home. The home housed 235 lively boys from the age of 7-17. Initially, the boys seemed slightly unruly and the older boys slightly stand-offish. But no longer after we performed our rendition of “Our God is a Great Big God” complete with actions, that they started to warm up with smiles on their faces. A testimony of God’s power to change and transform lives was shared by Darren and many boys responded by renewing their commitment to God. Each and every one had so much potential in them and we could sense God’s deep love for them. They were later treated to delicious hotdogs that the staff of Life ministries catered. After some more interaction we bade farewell to the boys.



On Sunday, we attended Service and fellowshipped with the members of Cornerstone Philippines (Marikina).

On the whole we were greatly impacted by the trip, touched by the joy and warmth of the people we visited and at the same time deeply inspired by the love and service of the staff of the local church in Marikina. Each of our members experienced a spiritual awakening and renewal in one way of the other. There is no denying that the trip left an indelible mark in our lives and yes! All of us want to come back and visit in 2015!


P1090695Team 7 Philippines Couriers 2014.