On Sunday afternoon, 7 December 2014, after church service and lunch, the team from Singapore was divided into 3 groups to join the leaders and members of Cornerstone Church Santiago in their Street Power House Programme.

Beng Yong, Cynthia & myself, together with Pastor Jimmar, Pastor Jun, Ron and Crystal, went to the meeting place in Buena Vista. This is our first trip there but to the Pastors, it is their second trip.

The meeting place was a home where many relatives stayed together. A lola told Pastor Jun that her son was a Vice President of the country. Some pictures we saw from the house seemed to be of a royal status.  The children were even named King, Queen and Princess.  They were all lovely and wonderful children and there were about 10 of them.

After the story telling by Pastor Jun, Bible memory verse and games by Ron and Crystal, I taught the children an action song together with Cynthia playing the guitar. We could see all smiles on their faces and even the pastors too. They just loved action song!  When all was done, we started serving the children and some adults the porridge and orange juice prepared with love by Cornerstone Church, Santiago.  After they finished eating, we went into the house where Cynthia presented them a song with Ron on the guitar. We ended with praying for the children and blessing them.  After the prayers, Pastor Jimmar and Pastor Jun noticed that we still had a lot more porridge left, and instead of going back to take a rest, they decided that we should bless the neighbourhood with the extra porridge.

We then walked down the street looking for a rundown house to bless as some houses seemed well-to-do. We came to a house that is very old and started singing Christmas carol but nobody came to the door. So we left. We went opposite and saw a lady with 2 children. Pastor Jun started talking to her outside the gate but she went into her house and closed the door and did not come out. Her younger son near the door also went in, leaving her daughter who was about 4 years old outside. Crystal gave her a pencil as a gift. We then started singing Christmas carol and after we have finished singing, we waited for the lady but she still did not come out. Instead her daughter went in and brought some shillings for us. We told them we were not there to ask for money but to bless them with porridge. Finally, she came out with an empty bowl and I filled up with the porridge for her. She was so thankful for our kind gesture and appreciated it very much. Pastor Jun then spoke with her and asked if we could pray for her. She agreed. Beng Yong then prayed a prayer of blessings upon her and her family.

As there’s more porridge to be shared, we decided to go into the van and Pastor Jimmar drove off. We came to a junction, and in front of that junction, there was a Community Centre, and immediately Pastor Jimmar stopped the van nearby as he saw some lolos and lolas hanging around outside the door. But when we alighted from the van, the group of lolos and lolas slowly moved away from the door and walked further away from us. However, there was one lolo and 3 lolas inside the Community Centre. We started singing some Christmas carols, but they were looking down and not interested. I guess they might be thinking that we were there to ask for money.  While we were singing, Pastor Jun brought the pot of porridge and left it on the floor. He told them that we were there to serve them with the extra porridge. Then the elderly looked up and started beaming with smiles on their faces. We served them with the few clean bowls and cups we have. But there were more people around who had not taken the porridge so Ron took the used bowls and started looking for a place to wash the dishes.  I then approached a lady amongst the lolos and lolas, and she immediately opened her house across the street to let us wash our dishes. God is so amazing that the person I approached was just the right person who lived nearby.

Then the pastors told them about the ministry that they would like to start and immediately the lolos and lolas are so excited and straight away scheduled the date and time to meet the next round. Wow, God is good….

After prayers, we left. In the van, I could see that Pastor Jimmar was so touched because God had just answered their prayers. He thanked us for doing this outreach together with them to bless people with the extra porridge and because of our step of faith and perseverance, God answered their prayers – the birth of an Elderly Ministry! And God just brought together about 20 of these lolos and lolas. Woohoo, in His time, God makes all things beautiful. Amen!

Written by Carol Wee, PHI 15