Every Couriers trip is short yet life changing. Every trip is indeed different and this was no exception. One thing I really felt about this team was that it seemed really “seamless”, if I might say. Where one was weak, the other would naturally cover him/her up; everything and everyone fit in very well and we had great fun among all the events that took place over the days. It was amazing to see in practicality how the kingdom of God can move powerfully when everyone puts their hand to the plough and gives their five loaves and two fishes for God to multiply.

Even before the trip started, we could testify of the Lord’s goodness and providence in how some of us had really signed up and prepared for the trip by faith and finally, God provided every single cent needed for the trip at His sovereign timing. As the date of departure neared, we had built up great expectations of how the Lord would move in our trip!

Some of the memorable events were heading out to the universities to do street evangelism. Unhindered by the language barriers and inspired by our other team members’ zeal and passion to share the Gospel with anyone who would listen, we walked in boldness and courage and split into teams to invite the local students to our evangelistic youth Christmas event.


The preparation for this event was also divinely made “seamless”, because of how everyone had different giftings and a heart to serve; one would simply slip right in to serve the other. A service had never run so smoothly without any jitters!

On the day of the event, our eyes lit up when we saw some familiar faces we met in the schools, knowing they had crossed through rocky paths and even dumpsters and wild dogs, in faith of a stranger’s invitation, just to get to where the event was held. And yes, they received Christ at the salvation call! We also saw how one youth brought eight of her friends to the event and how each of them raised their hands at the salvation call. The presence of God was so real and the testimony and message was so powerful it pierced at the hearts of those who heard it. Wow God!




The next day after Sunday service, we got to hang out with some of the youths who were involved in the church. Despite some language barriers, the common love for God and serving Him bonded us really quickly. Over cokes, fries and burgers, we shared with them a vision of revival and how their nation and friends could all know God! It was heart-warming for us to see God connect different nations of youths together for His greater purposes.


In other home group visits, we saw how the locals lived and though I was slightly uncomfortable at some parts, yet I saw first-hand how the hearts of those who long to know Him were so sincere. We are called to be the people who go to feed the hungry and restore the broken. It was definitely not just about meeting the practical needs of food and shelter, but also the spiritual needs for everyone needs to know the Lord and to experience the fullness and abundance of all that God has in store for them.



Maybe I have been too accustomed to the first world youth generation’s way of ministry. But it’s really more than that, because there are many of God’s people who are hungry, broken, dying and lost out there. And we must go. Each trip expands my vision to see beyond my comfort zone, and does something in my spirit. I don’t know how I fit into this picture entirely because I know I don’t have a full time missionary call yet, but even as I join the Couriers programme each year, my heart gets increasingly broken for the nations, which is why I set it in my calendar as a must-go event every year. It’s such a ripe harvest field here in Cambodia and I can’t wait to come back again.

Written by Rystine Tan, CAM 02