“I didn’t even have a fork.”

Cliff & Wai Jia are currently serving for a year on our Cornerstone Overseas Volunteer Program in Uganda, Africa. Below is Wai Jia’s account of a visit to a church member’s place.

Looking at her gregarious nature and infectious smile, no one would have guessed that just five years ago, chased out of her in-law’s home after her husband tragically met with a fatal accident, that she had roamed and lived off the street.

“Four months after my husband died and I was living on the streets, my father passed away.”

From tragedy to the next, Fatumah lost hope. Without a job, clothes, property and any of her belongings, which had been taken over by her in-laws, she found herself helpless.

“I had nothing I carried with me when I was on the streets, not even a fork!”

But the God she believed in carried her through.

“When I met Ps Mukisa and came to Cornerstone Church Entebbe, my life changed. He was like a daddy to me. He helped me find a roof over my head and food to eat. He did not care for his sheep just from the pulpit, but he did it for me in reality. ”

In the Ugandan language, “Mukisa” means blessing. Truly, through the local church pastors in Uganda, one of them being Ps Mukisa, Cornerstone’s ministry has been a blessing to many.

It was then when things took a sharp turnaround. With Ps Mukisa’s encouragement and help, Fatumah enrolled herself into Zion Cornerstone Bible School for a year. Shortly after, she found a job selling mukene (local dried fish), and a one-room home to stay in. Most importantly, she found hope.

“I followed God, and He followed me.”

Beaming, she points at a 2nd-hand wedding gown carefully wrapped in a yellowed bag. “Look what I bought,” she says, “Can you believe I got this for 30’000 Shillings (11 USD)?”

Having rebuilt her life with bricks of faith, her hope in God has cemented joy within her heart.

“What a steal!” I said, looking at the gown. More than just another white dress, it symbolized a fresh start for her. She is looking forward to wed next year. Her fiancé shares her same strong faith.

Today, her eyes of hope and faith belie her heart-wrenching past. Not only has she picked up the pieces, she has found joy, strength and faith again to live each day.

“I’m so grateful to have found Ps Henry, his wife and Cornerstone Church,” she says.

Thank you Cornerstone Singapore, for making a difference around the world.


 *Story and photo published with permission.