The team to Yangon visited our ministries and had a chance to see the great work there. We decided we should share all our personal takeaways from the trip. Below are the thoughts from the team to Yangon, 24 – 31 Aug!

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True to the Cornerstone Couriers 2015 theme of “Open Doors,” I thank God for a series of events and open doors that paved the way to join this mission trip. Grateful for a team of varied talents that gelled together as one in serving God.

I heard about the supernatural work God has done in Pastor Nandar’s Orphanage years ago and what a privilege it was to visit! There, I met God in a powerful way – and it wasn’t in the sanctity of a peaceful, comfortable church but out in a hot, rural farm. The children’s praise & worship was so moving, they sang with all their hearts, it wasn’t a soundproof room (only a shed) but yet the voices of the little ones were so loud! These children were powerful prayer warriors! Even a three year old girl could pray and the sick get healed. God was in that place! Some HIV positive people have been healed also. But nothing prepared me for the finale: when all the kids rushed out to us, laid hands and prayed fervently in the Spirit – every team member was touched to tears. There were puddles of tears on the floor after it ended. So much love. From orphans that nobody wanted – some were even rejected by other orphanages. God chooses the lowly of this world to confound the wise.

After each mission trip, my perspective in life is re-calibrated and I learn to be more thankful, complain less, and use my blessings for that which has eternal value.

-Andy Goh

Myanmar, you stole my heart! I was so blessed & drawn by your praise & worship. Although I do not know a single word you sang, your heart n attitude of worship with such gusto makes me want to shout it out loud with you.

Seeing a whole family of ministers co-labouring together for the Kingdom was extremely heartening. From father, son, wives & in-laws, all spearheading God’s work in different countries & arena, God must be so pleased. May many more generations arise & follow their parents footsteps to pastor Myanmar.

When man sees with our natural eyes, we see imperfection n incompleteness. When God opened my eyes, I saw wholeness & completeness in a crippled man… my heart was made full.

When your unwanted kids at the orphanage rushed to pray for us, I saw unconditional love … so simple, so pure.

Thank you Myanmar, will see you again!

-Christina Khung


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Regarding the event: street evangelism, on the 24th of August –

The Word says that it is more blessed to give than to receive. The only initial thought I had before going to this trip was “I’m just going to be a blessing.”

There are many thoughts I could write of this second trip to Myanmar. The sights, sound and the observations I had made. Yet there is one incident which made a lasting impression in my heart.

We were distributing the gospel tracks to pre-believers in the wet market along the streets of Yangon. The market is situated along the railway tracks. The weather was humid yet our spirits were filled with such joy; the simple joy of sharing Jesus on the streets.

There was this incident where a sister’s leg was caught in the mud and it broke her footwear. Without hesitation, she was offered a pair of slippers by a brother beside her, resulting in him walking barefooted throughout the duration.

The brother knew that he would have to walk barefooted in the entire journey yet he chose to offer his slippers to the sister.

I was touched by this selfless gesture; one that regards the need of others more than the impending comfort of oneself.

Many have taught on the generous giving for others, yet this brother had taught me on giving more than the numerous sermons I heard preached from the pulpit.. Giving and love is never to be taught but to be caught.. Never information but revelation.

“…in as much as you did to the very least of the brethren, you did it unto Me.”

-Jeremiah Chor

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One of my most memorable parts of the trip was when we were in one of the orphanages. Despite the limited facilities they have, the presence of God was very strong in that place. During the worship, you could see that the children were all so passionately worshiping God with their hands raised up and eyes closed; they were not distracted. All you could see in them is the love of God and the passion for God. Almost to the end of the session in the orphanage, the pastor of the orphanage got her children to pray for us. Every child as young as 7 years old was rushing towards us and laying their hands on us to pray for us. Despite the language barriers, you can feel their passion and enthusiasm of prayers. When the children had finished their prayer, none of us had no have tears in our eyes. During the trip, the pastor also shared with us stories of people getting healed when the children prayed for them.

In Genesis 21, when Hagar and Ishamel did not have any water and food, it was the boy who prayed and God heard his prayer. Therefore, do not despise the prayer of a child; instead train them to pray from young. This is one of my greatest take away from the trip.

-Goh Shi Hui

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This was my first mission trip to orphanages, and it was an eye opening experience seeing children worship with everything within their being, passionately to the Lord Jesus. It was hot and humid under an open shed with only zinc roofing, but the Presence of the Lord was strong and the anointing of Holy Spirit was manifested. All of us were moved to tears by the children, who although were poor and had no material comfort; yet so rich in the spiritual sense. One incident impacted me tremendously.

Dinner was served in the dark under the moonlight. Later an adult had a portable lamp placed on table, but since it was a long table seating, some parts were dim. Suddenly a 7-year old boy ran and held a lamp high next to Ps Cameron in order for us to eat in comfort. Such sacrificial love and care touched my heart to the core. Eventually Ps Cameron persuaded him to place the lamp on table. This is God’s love revealed through this child.

-Thanas Hannah

I’ve really been blessed more than being a blessing. And I’ve been deeply impacted by the SOM graduates there. Even through the short span of 8 days I felt that God had blessed me with many precious friendships and encounters with each and every one of them.

It was really nice to talk to each one of them because despite the fact English wasn’t their first language they would walk up to you with this warm smile and genuinely create conversations with the limited English they have. The initiative they took was just touching to the heart.

To witness how God is moving throughout their lives was also amazing, especially during the presbytery where the Pastors laid hands on each and every one of them. I was so touched to hear what God has in store for their future. I really believe that something it’s going to happen in this nation, and it will start with these passionate warriors.

Thank you SOM students for the past week for this wonderful experience. i will never forget the friendships made and I really hope to see you all soon! We may be 2 in language but we will always be 1 in spirit 🙂

True to its theme, it was really an open door. Open doors to an eye opening experience. Open doors to other nations too. This is my first mission trip but definitely will not be my last. And if you are still pondering if you should embark on one I would encourage you to just go because to experience God’s wonders in the nations, it’s just something you won’t want to miss 😉

-Rachel Ang

It was my privilege to spend 8 wonderful days in the city of Yangon together with such a diverse team! Each individual had a part to play; from the activities for the children, to friendships formed with the youth and others with the ability to connect with the adult cell group. The diversity proved to be extremely helpful and the group felt like a microcosm of the Body of Christ, and how each and every one of us has a role in the Body.

One of the standout experiences I had during the trip watching how inclusive and loving the children in Pastor Caleb’s orphanage were. Watching the older children take care of the younger ones, seeing the joy that they had throwing a frisbee around the front yard, and how they all functioned together during dinner time brought warmth to my hearth. It was lovely to see how the children mutually cared for and respected one another. This experience served as a reminder that at the end of the day, expressions of love to one another doesn’t have to be overtly complicated, it can just be simple and genuine.

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-Yuen Zi Gui