It’s Friday again! And this is a continuation of our missionary’s call to pray for her field of harvest, to learn to persist in keeping the vision of the harvest, by beginning to serve in her home Church.

Luke 16:10 was the verse most often quoted by my mom: “He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much.” Of course, she was referring to making my bed but the principle was there – I had to complete many small tasks well before the Lord could entrust me with work on the mission field. So I learned to be (mostly!) faithful in my chores at home. I also volunteered at my home church. Since I was interested in helping children, I took a job as the chen13oct6-children-servingildren’s ministry intern. It was the most boring thing I’d ever done. Most days were spent alone in a room copying coloring pages and vacuuming the carpet. I wanted to quit after the first week, but my mom encouraged me to stay, probably quoting Luke 16:10! So I completed one year. During that time, I also taught Sunday School to 3-year-olds. I remember after one lengthy discourse on Noah, complete with felt board storytelling, I asked them all who built the ark. “God,” one cried out. “Jesus,” another offered. “She bit me,” a third one wailed, pointing to a cherubic blonde with a mean bite. My official recommendation at the end of that year was that 3-year-olds stay in the nursery.

In additional to Sunday School, I was a student leader in the youth group, and I helped out with various events in church as needed. I enjoyed being with people and learning to serve. The relationships I built and the skills I learned during this time were truly priceless. However, one thing to remember is that while serving at your home church first is important, it is good to manage expectations of how long you can serve. From the start, you should let people know your intention to go to the mission field, and you should always be training others up to take your place.