It’s Friday again! And this is a continuation of our missionary’s call to pray for her field of harvest, to learn to persist in keeping the vision of the harvest, by beginning to serve in her home Church, and to prepare her bosses for her eventual departure.

Just as it is important to set and manage expectations of how long you could serve in your home Church, the same principle goes for the workplace. You must prepare your bosses that you will be leaving, and plan strategically so that someone can cover your roles. Some people are concerned they might not be promoted if they tell their boss they won’t be there forever, but being honest in this area will also help keep you accountable to really go. And it’s only fair to them. My boss appreciated that I prepared her long beforehand. She also had me write a manual of how-to’s for everything I did! But it helped – later I had to do the same for the ministry in Thailand. Your testimony in your workplace is a part of your ministry as well. This also applies to your church pastors and overseers. Prepare them.

Prepare your bosses