Being a varsity ministry, it was indeed apt that the main agenda for our trip was to do street evangelism at various Cambodian campuses; namely Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), International University (IU) and Sen Sok High School (SSHS). For many of us, the prospect of approaching strangers in a foreign land was initially an intimidating one. However, this was soon overcome once we met the warmest and friendliest students, who were more often than not willing to talk with and engage us. It was also surprising to learn that many of them had actually heard about Jesus before. Indeed, the seeds are already sown; God is moving in this nation!

Just as we were set to continue our campus evangelism the next day, our plans were met with dismal news- school had been cancelled for that day! Questions raced through our minds – With no students around, how do we get the harvest? We decided however, that we would do a prayer walk around the campuses and we confidently headed out to IU. After 15 minutes of prayer walking, we were suddenly called into an office within the campus. It turned out that the university’s Deputy Director of International Relations had learnt that there was a group of Singaporean university students on campus, and wanted to discuss opportunities for future cooperation! It was amazing how doors were opening, just like that! What a miracle! We were beyond amazed at what God was doing as we watched the Deputy Director converse with our two team leaders. God was teaching us that things don’t always happen the way we want it… because His ways are undoubtedly the best! Never fear!

We continued to be greeted with more open doors at SSHS. Although school was cancelled, there were a few students on campus. Our time spent here was equally special as it was as if God had singled out the very people He wanted us to talk to. This was clear when two of our team members approached a student and eventually led him to Christ. What was amazing was that the testimonies of our team members spoke squarely to the exact problems and struggles that this student was facing! Hallelujah!

The culmination of our evangelism was a youth fellowship event held at a national park. The programme started with us putting up a skit for the attendees. One of our team leaders then shared the gospel as well. Although it started raining halfway, the sharing continued, and a number of people responded to the call for salvation even amidst the rain! Games and lunch then followed, which gave us a chance to interact with our Cambodian peers.


Seeds of faith were definitely taking root in all our hearts as we partnered with God to step out in boldness and live out Mark 16:15 every day. We grew in boldness and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit; which propelled us to rise up and claim His promises for the Cambodians we met and also for ourselves. Many of us also experienced personal breakthroughs that we never expected and some even received words of knowledge about their individual destinies!

Indeed, we left Singapore ready to touch the Cambodians with His love, but we could have never imagined how impacted we would be by our Cambodian brethren in return. Our Cambodian contact, Vuthea’s dedication and selflessness to our team touched us greatly. Aside from being the Assistant Pastor of Covenant Church Phnom Penh, Vuthea also oversaw all its operational aspects. His wife had just given birth and on top of that, his new born baby daughter was also unwell, but he sacrificed his precious family time to spend these five days with us- bringing us for our outreaches and settling every minute detail of our logistics so that we could be comfortable and at peace. We were also very thankful to be able to labour in unity with our translators in the various schools we did street evangelism in.

Regardless of the fact that we had only spent a total of five days in this beautiful Cambodian Kingdom, every single day was testament to God’s potent goodness and faithfulness. From our morning devotions we had together with Vuthea and our translators; to our moments of joy and laughter over our meals, it was so beautiful how God had taught us so much about His heart for people in the nations.

On our last night with our gracious hosts and translators, the silent tears concealed in the night were testament to how we had all become a family united by His love and purpose- despite the fact that we hailed from different lands. It was hard to say goodbye- all of us had experienced joy, hardship and triumph as we laboured together and the Cambodians we met had left pieces of their hearts with us.


Before we left for Singapore, we had the privilege of attending a Sunday service at Covenant Church Phnom Penh. We put up a song item and two of our team members shared their testimonies with the congregation. It was a beautiful way to end our trip on Father’s Day and we were reminded of our Heavenly Father’s love and promises as we spent our last few hours with the Cambodians.

We speak confidently on behalf of the team, that we will definitely be back in the mission field to be His hands and feet in the nations.

To God be the glory!


Written by Jonathan Ng and Sarah Thomas, CAM 01