Caleb and Evan Walcott (8 and 6 years old, respectively) just returned from a mission trip to Miri, Malaysia. They were accompanied by their parents, their little sister, and one of their favorite “jie jies,” Sarita. They visited CSCC Miri, led by Pastor Sabrina Low. If you enjoy this article, you can also read Caleb’s blog post from last year, when he visited Surabaya, Indonesia.

I had a great trip to Miri, Malaysia last week. My family and I went to the church, Cornerstone Miri, and to a village called Rumah Ampik.

I felt happy on this trip for many reasons, such as getting to see the church there. When we went to Rumah Ampik, we gave sweets to the children at the Longhouse. They were so happy to receive the treats. We also had a great time fishing. I caught a catfish and a tilapia! I will never forget going to Rumah Ampik.

Giving out treats at Rumah Ampik

With our big fish
Another thing I will always remember is seeing my Ye
e Yee (Aunt) Sabrina (who is the pastor of CSCC Miri). We went to two services, Saturday evening and Sunday morning. In the services, I played the guitar and sang “O Happy Day”.  When I was singing, God strengthened me a lot by helping me not be nervous and helping me to overcome fear. It felt great.Singing in service
Daddy preached about rising again when you fall down. The next day, he spoke about the blessings of obedience. People got prayed for after the messages. I think they were all blessed.

Daddy preaching
My brother Evan was also on the trip, this is what he experienced:
Evan: “I went swimming in Miri and to Rumah Ampik. The hotel was very nice and I got to see my favourite Yee Yee (Aunt), Sabrina. Daddy preached about obedience.

Mommy, Anna, and Yee Yee Sabrina
I saw a lot of poor people in the village. I wanted to be kind to them so we bought some snacks and sweets and gave them out to the children in the village. It was very fun there and the church was awesome! I also went fishing and caught a super giant catfish. It was a great experience! I hope to go to Miri again!”

I would highly encourage everyone to go there, because it was a wonderful place and it is great to see God working in other countries. You will learn lots of values if you go to Miri. I had an awesome trip! I feel like God is changing Miri by touching the people there.

By Caleb Walcott