It’s Friday again! And this is a continuation of our missionary’s call to pray for her field of harvest, to learn to persist in keeping the vision of the harvest, by beginning to serve in her home Church, and to prepare her bosses for her eventual departure. The missionary also emphasized the need to develop strong relationships with her Church leaders as they will be integral to her success on the fields. Today, we’ll consider our need to learn to really listen.


Good listening is the key to every relationship. This is especially true on the mission field, where there is already a communication barrier because of language/culture. So while you’re at home, learn to connect well with people by listening. Learn to really listen. Put down your cell phone. Don’t cut people off. Force yourself to slow down and follow respectfully even those who speak more slowly than you. Give feedback such as “Yes,” “Mmm,” “I understand what you mean.” Look at them in the eye. Practice reading body language. Know when to repeat and when to stop talking. The way you communicate (not just what you say) can be a powerful witness to love of Jesus in your life. Learn to love through listening.