It’s Friday again! And this is a continuation of our missionary’s call to pray for her field of harvest, to learn to persist in keeping the vision of the harvest, by beginning to serve in her home Church, and to prepare her bosses for her eventual departure. The missionary also emphasized the need to develop strong relationships with her Church leaders as they will be integral to her success on the fields. Learning to listen is a vital skill and posture to have on the fields. However,  just as important as listening is our need to open up our lives to one another.

Learn to Open Up

Some people are great listeners, but never open up to share their own life. This is an unnatural conversation as well because, sooner or later, the person you’re talking to will begin to feel like it’s a counseling session. If you can’t be open with people, you will never be able to connect with them in a meaningful way. So get comfortable with opening up your own life to others, even ones you don’t know that well. Because your personal testimony is almost always the thing that leads others to Christ! It is a sacrifice to make yourself vulnerable, but with God’s help it’s possible and so effective. For example, because of my past in overcoming depression, I was able to reach several precious people in my target country who had dealt with the same thing. One new believer told me, “I used to feel like I was being put into a box inside a box inside a box. I could physically hear the locks clicking. Now (after calling on the Name of Jesus), it’s like several boxes have just melted away!” Praise God! So listen and also don’t be afraid to share your life with others!