Trip to Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya 4-11 Dec 2015

Before The Trip

This year was my second mission trip via Cornerstone Couriers. I would like to thank Cornerstone for providing the platform for me to have the opportunity to involve in short term mission trip. Sri Lanka was our third choice when the team signed up for mission, we didn’t expect we will be selected to go there. We were excited about it even before the trip. We sensed that God has something prepared for us in Sri Lanka. It must be His divine arrangement!


The Lord impressed in our hearts His love as a Father when we prayed and seek Him after we knew that we will be going to a Boys Home to minister to the children. Just as He wants us to know that each of us is wonderfully created by Him and He has a plan and destiny for each of us, He wants us to bring the same message to the children.

During the trip

During the trip, we also received words and visions from some cell members who were praying for us. It was amazing! God revealed to them what He was going to do with the children. One of the visions was our Lord Jesus giving seashell to each child; each of them is unique just like the seashells, every seashell is different in its shapes, forms, colours and pattern. I have thousands of seashells at my house, of different family and species, every time my husband showed me a specific seashell; it is always in unique pattern and colour. Admiring them will lead me in awe of God’s creativity.

During one of the team devotion in the morning, I saw a vision of a wooden fence with sheep. The Lord touched me, my heart was tendered by Him, He reminded us to feed His sheep, and this is the most practical way to show our love to Him.

During a briefing session by Sister Theresa from Kidznet, she prayed for the team and the word “forgotten” touched my heart so intensively. The Lord remembers those who may have been forgotten by the society. The Lord impressed in me His tender heart towards the children. He also downloaded His tender heart into me.


The dynamic of the team was good as we are from the same cell group and we already know each other rather well. Even though there were disagreements sometimes but we worked together with same mind and same Spirit to fulfil the same goal and purpose. Philippians 2:1-8 described the attitude of the team throughout the whole trip. Praise God and glory to Him.


After the trip

I took about 1 week to recover from my motion sickness. But this was a very special trip for me as I could sense in my spirit that God is doing something in me. He affirmed me like a father and I wept like a child in His bosom. He is telling me that if I know that He loves me, there is nothing else to fear. He wants me to be rooted in Him!


Written by Diane Low, SRI 04