CAM 02: 9 – 13 Aug 2016

If walking with Jesus is an adventure, then I liken a Cornerstone Courier trip to a roller coaster ride – it’s exhilarating with twists and turns, expect the unexpected, rush of adrenaline as all your senses are heightened and such joy and satisfaction thereafter. The minute I’m off the ride, I tell myself I will do it all over again.

After a couple months of prayer, planning and running errands to purchase items and materials we need for a youth camp in Cambodia, we departed sunny Singapore for rainy Cambodia. We were excited to meet 75 young people from 2 churches, Poipet city and Kampong Speu province, and the location of the camp was in a church, along the gorgeous beaches of Sihanoukville. Most of the young people have never seen the sea because Cambodia is largely landlocked so it was a real treat for them!

Watching the hand of God through the unfolding of events, His divine protection and His great love through answered prayers was the greatest experience for our team. Just a couple days before the trip, one of our members was ill and her fever would not go down. Her colleague frightened us by telling her it could be HFMD (hand foot mouth disease). We immediately stood with her in prayer and asked for divine health and protection, speaking against all lies and intimidation. After a quick visit to the doctor, it turned out to be just a common cold. Through this, we learned to stand and believe in the mission God has for us.

Upon arriving at Sihanoukville via a public bus from Phnom Penh, we found that a box of supplies we packed was nott on the bus. A call made to the Phnom Penh office yielded nothing so we had to purchase everything all over again, but God gave us peace and a spirit to adapt and make the most of what we have. We determined that a run to the supermarket would not spoil our mood.

On the first day of camp, we saw showers and thunderstorm which did not let up until the afternoon. We were prepared to change our plans but we prayed in faith, believing the weather would change. It would be a huge disappointment for the youth if we were to cancel going to the beach. However, exactly at the appointed time on both days, the rain stopped! When we came back to church in the evening, the rain came back. It was a revelation of how God loves His children and wants to be glorified in meeting our wants and desires. We also experienced power cuts for a couple hours every day (possibly due to the rain) but we worshipped with the drums and danced in sweat. Nothing was going to stop our praise and worship!

The highlights of our trip were the 15 salvations and the many young people who were set free. Cambodia is notorious for being steeped in idolatry but through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, in worship and in unwavering faith, we witnessed many healings and deliverances! It was a time of unspeakable joy for them!

Youth camp has always been times of fun and games, building relationships, have leaders rise up, corporate prayer for the nation and a time of refreshment in God’s presence. So it was, even for us from Singapore. We are two countries but the same sons and daughters of Father God. Cambodia is ripe for the harvest, with many people yearning for a hope and saviour. They are ready to turn their hearts back to the Father, accept His unconditional love and walk humbly in His ways. We caught a glimpse of that through the eyes of these excited young people. We can only imagine what God can do through their lives and we are completely grateful that He trusts us and allowed us to play a small role in making that happen.

Written by
Melissa Seet, Cambodia


Phnom Penh: In a tuk tuk buying supplies with 2 church volunteers



Camp group photo


Sihanoukville beach


By the Mekong River in Phnom Penh, pretending we are on a river cruise