2 – 10 Dec 2017

To say that we expected the unexpected seems like an understatement during this mission trip to Cambodia. On the first night, we were worshipping God, praying for revival for the land, and we sensed that God is about to bring forth supernatural healing over the land and her people. God spoke to our leader in a vision that we will meet an influential woman and a man who were somehow related during the course of our trip.


Praying in Kampob Ambel


Praying in Kampob Ambel


Village Kampoub Ambel was filled with eager hearts and desperate cries for redemption by Love. Pastor Dian shared on how Papa God touched his heart and showed him the love of God. Soon after, around 20 villagers responded to the salvation call, with more approaching us for healing and prayer. God showed Himself as a Healer and is faithful.

Uuwen, a woman with stomach pain and a headache came to receive prayer. When we prayed for her the first time, the pain did not leave her. One of our team members felt that there was un-forgiveness in her heart. When we asked, she said she was angry with her husband but she is over it. We led her to forgive her husband. We started praying again and I saw a vision of one of her internal organs, supposedly her stomach and the blood of Christ washing over the organ, covering the whole of her insides as if a cleansing process is taking place. After the second time of praying, the pain in her stomach was gone.

Praying for Piepr


Piepr, was a living testimony who had an axe pierce into the left side of his inner groin since the age of 6. Since then, he would constantly feel sharp pain at the inner groin whenever he walks due to his nerve being affected by the axe. As we prayed, Pastor Dian felt God directed him to observe Pierp’s legs. As he noticed Pierp walk, he seemed to be wobbling due to the imbalance in the length of his legs. We sat him down and Pastor Dian started to command in the Name of Jesus that the left leg, which happened to be shorter than the other, to lengthen to its designed length. Within seconds, the left leg grew in length by roughly an inch or so. When we called him to stand and start walking, we knew God healed him as he got better the more he walked. To top it off, he could even jump and the pain had left him.

Ministry in Village Krayeadongkda


Village Krayeadongkda


The next day, God decided to bring us a double portion when we came to Village Krayeadongkda; more healings occurred compared to the day before. There were many who suffered from joint pains, headaches, stomach pains and back pains which we felt were physical manifestations of the spiritual climate. We knew that there was too much work to be done here in the villages and we had to come back in future.


Missionary Meeting in Phnom Penh


Over the last few days, we headed back to Phnom Penh city for a three-day conference for the local missionaries. We were so blessed to receive teaching from the freedom ministry team! At the end of the conference, the youths were so ministered to and set free! I could sense the comfort and assurance that they received from the Love and forgiveness of the One and Only Papa God.  Indeed, our God is amazing and this is just the beginning of what God is about to do in this nation.


Written by
Hanna Chandar
CAM 05, 2017
Phnom Penh, Cambodia