1 – 5 Sept 2017


A long weekend in September of 2017 saw 6 of us off to Surabaya as Cornerstone Couriers. Unlike other mission trips, we didn’t have much clarity as to the specifics of our outreach, understanding only that we would be assisting at a youth camp and working with Yayasan Pondok Hayat, a ministry strategically located in the heart of Surabaya city and dedicated to serving that community. Of course, that’s but a small issue – for a man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps (Proverbs 16:9). And this wisdom rang true as we saw how God moved in ways we could never have imagined.



At YWI Batu, a lovely retreat in the highlands surrounding Surabaya, we had the privilege of working with four local Christian groups who had come together to organize a camp attended by tweens and teenagers from underprivileged backgrounds. Its theme being Unshakeable – no matter the storms that come their way, they would learn to be strong and unshakeable.


We had been told that we could not openly evangelize due to the political sensitivities of the area, and it was at times difficult to communicate with the participants due to the language barrier. But all this set the stage for God’s glory to shine even greater, as the youths came with raw, open hearts and there was such an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. On Praise & Worship Night, it overflowed into a cry and an invitation for each participant to have a personal encounter with Him.



Pondok Hayat


In Surabaya city, we conducted house visits with the Pondok Hayat staff and ministered to families who openly shared their heart with us. As we asked for words of knowledge, the Lord freely responded and June, our team leader, was heartened to share that she had been able to bless a young man she had prayed over with this.


Armed with sheep beanies, worksheets, songs and lots of crayons, we also taught the kindergarteners of Living Stones, operated by Pondok Hayat, how the Lord is our good, good shepherd. We also prayed for orphans in the care of the Pondok Hayat staff, and bonded with the children at Rumah Anak Simo over soccer and crafts.




We have been truly blessed by the people that we have met on this trip, through whom we see God’s love for the people of Surabaya. May this trip be the start of something greater for Surabaya, and to God be all the glory.


Written by,
June, Reuben, Cheryl, Yu Jun, Lingyuan and Rebecca
INDO 05, 2017
Surabaya, Indonesia