13 – 18 Dec 2017


We arrived at Indonesia, Yogyakarta, on 13 December and visited Rumah Buah Hati Orphanage Pastoral Home at night. We received the warm hospitality from the children and kicked off our visit by having a sing-along with them; they participated with great enthusiasm! Then, our team leaders, Victor and Eunice, shared during the session.



On our second day (14th Dec), we spent the day preparing for ministry, and resting before heading back to the orphanage at night. Eunice shared about the financial wisdom and trusting the Lord with our money. Following that, our fellow team member, Shi Han, shared about abiding in the Lord with a personal testimony of how he chose the Lord over a relationship at 13. The testimony was able to crack us up with its humour, and effectively put across the message to those in attendance that the Lord is worth so much more than anything the world can offer us. Before we called it a night, a blackout occurred in the orphanage just as we were entering into a time of fellowship. However, we were still able to mingle and interact with the children. It gave us an opportunity to show them how to use flashlights and water bottles to create beautiful designs which the children visibly enjoyed.



The third day (15th Dec) was a day of rest. We travelled Yogyakarta with our hosts Adon, Raissa and Evelyn, who shared stories about ministry and everyday life. Just as the day was ending, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck in West Java slightly before midnight, with the tremors felt by us in Yogyakarta. We had to evacuate the hotel and the team prayed, declaring Psalms 91 over ourselves and the people, before returning to the hotel half an hour later. Despite being warned not to sleep due to the possibility of aftershocks following the initial earthquake, we felt the peace to sleep, trusting that the Lord would wake us up so that we can evacuate in time should we encounter an aftershock.


On the fourth day (16th Dec), it was the day of the Christmas party we had planned for the children at the orphanage. We quickly finished the necessary preparations and arrived at the orphanage early in the evening to kick start the party. While a group of us started setting up for the party, the rest of the team kept the children entertained by chatting and playing with them. We introduced some trending self-entertainment from home like Bottle Flipping and doing the Dab which the children really enjoyed!


The party began with games such as Whacko and H2O which the children actively participated in. Then, our team member, Vivien, took the time to share about Christmas as the season of gifting and the spirit of gifting that God has demonstrated through giving us the gift of salvation. She then encouraged the children to give gifts to one another in the form of an affirming note to each other. The children were very active in writing notes to each other. Envelopes we had prepared for them to seal the notes with quickly ran out because they were writing so many letters to each other!


We distributed food & drinks that we brought to the party and offered to take Polaroid pictures of each child in order to bless them in this Christmas season. The night ended off by giving the children the opportunity to receive the gift of tongues so that they can pray in the Spirit whenever they are afraid. The presence of the Lord was so tangible in the atmosphere that night as we ministered to the children; they teared up and wept before the Lord during the time of ministry. Even though we prayed in English, a language that they have limited understanding of, they were overwhelmed by the Spirit. It was then when we could see for ourselves that our God is a God who transcends language barriers.



Our 5th day there was a Sunday (17th Dec), and we attended Church service with Livingstone Church. I had a chance to share my testimony alongside my team member, Lynn, to the congregation. Following that, we attended a sermon by Pastor Solemon. At the end of the service, fellowshipped with the children and said our goodbyes before we left for Singapore the next day.


The next day, we left for the airport. However a rain storm caused our flight to be delayed and we missed our transit flight at Jakarta. However, God was faithful to us and we met an airport staff who helped us get tickets for a later flight. Although we reached Singapore at a slightly later time, we were thankful that God has brought us safely home.


As a first timer going for a Mission trip, this has been really rewarding for me. The Lord used this trip to reveal more of Himself to me. I went to encourage those in Indonesia, but I have been blessed too; through the experiences and the guidance of my team members. Praise God for such a rewarding trip!


Written by Lim Ting Wei,
INDO 09, 2017
Yogyakarta, Indonesia