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The Vision, Mission & People



The Mission, vision & people

Cornerstone’s Vision for Global Missions

An Apostolic Church

We are a church that makes much about the Great Commission. We believe in preaching the Gospel to all nations, engaging in missions through training, giving, sending out of missionaries (both short and long-term), church-planting, partnering and networking, and always having upon our hearts the desire to fulfill Jesus’ command to go and make disciples of all nations.

A Note from Our Senior Pastor

Rev Yang Tuck Yoong
Senior Pastor
Cornerstone Community Church

In 1989, when the Lord first began to speak to our hearts about the planting of a new congregation, I remember very clearly and vividly the kind of church He wanted us to plant: a missions church. That was all He said to us at the beginning of this amazing journey and all through the years, and He has since added many more things on our plate. I can truly say like the psalmist, that the lines have fallen upon us on pleasant places.

One thing has remained the same through all these years: Our missionary calling. It is in our spiritual DNA. Over the years, we have seen this vision become reality. As of 2016, we have church plants in 20 nations and a wide network of associated churches in the nations. Numerous trips have been made since our inception and at any one time in the church, there is a mission team that’s out in the field somewhere. We are very grateful to God for expanding our horizons.

Several years ago, we set a goal to add two new church plants each year in a country that we are not yet represented and we have seen the Lord help us fulfil this year after year.

In the 1700’s, the Moravians from the little town of Hernnhut Germany, known to be the “fathers of modern missions”, sent their brave missionaries to the ends of the earth. On one occasion, as a young Moravian missionary on board a ship was leaving for the mission fields never to return again, his fiancé cried out as to why he was doing this, to which the young man replied: “May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering”. And this became the battle cry of the Moravians. I believe that this is really the highest motivation for missions; that we are willing to even lay down our lives so that the Lamb of God may receive the reward that is due to Him. To Him be all the praise and glory.

Our Missions Team

Winnie Tomlinson

Winnie is our Missions Coordinator. She rededicated her life to the Lord 6 years ago and God has brought her through an accelerated journey of life restoration and renewal since. In 2015, Winnie gave up her banking career and responded to God’s full-time ministry call. Winnie is passionate for God’s kingdom to invade the nations, and for God’s children to walk in the fullness of His destiny. Winnie met her husband, Austin, when he first moved to Singapore and visited Cornerstone. They are now happily married and living in Singapore.

Zoie Esther Tan

Zoie is our Missions Administrative Executive. She believes it is every believer’s mandate and call to respond to the Great Commission. She studied Fine Arts in Lasalle and worked as a pre-school art teacher until God moved her heart to attend the Harvest School for Missions under Iris. Zoie graduated from the Bible College of Wales with Winnie and came back after graduation to serve in the Missions Department. Her heart is for nation-wide transformation, one person at a time, through encountering Jesus. One day, she hopes to open a safe house for women and children who are being trafficked.

Japheth Chew

Japheth Chew is our Missions Administrative Executive. Prior to coming on staff, he attended the Bible College of Wales, and served with YWAM. He served for a season with IHOPU and has a deep passion for prayer, worship and missions. He moved to Singapore from Malaysia in 2018 to attend the Cornerstone Internship Programme, and came on board the Cornerstone Missions Department after completion. He desires to see Jesus receive His reward in the nations and for them to fulfill their God-given destinies.