INDO 09: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

13 – 18 Dec 2017


We arrived at Indonesia, Yogyakarta, on 13 December and visited Rumah Buah Hati Orphanage Pastoral Home at night. We received the warm hospitality from the children and kicked off our visit by having a sing-along with them; they participated with great enthusiasm! Then, our team leaders, Victor and Eunice, shared during the session.



On our second day (14th Dec), we spent the day preparing for ministry, and resting before heading back to the orphanage at night. Eunice shared about the financial wisdom and trusting the Lord with our money. Following that, our fellow team member, Shi Han, shared about abiding in the Lord with a personal testimony of how he chose the Lord over a relationship at 13. The testimony was able to crack us up with its humour, and effectively put across the message to those in attendance that the Lord is worth so much more than anything the world can offer us. Before we called it a night, a blackout occurred in the orphanage just as we were entering into a time of fellowship. However, we were still able to mingle and interact with the children. It gave us an opportunity to show them how to use flashlights and water bottles to create beautiful designs which the children visibly enjoyed.



The third day (15th Dec) was a day of rest. We travelled Yogyakarta with our hosts Adon, Raissa and Evelyn, who shared stories about ministry and everyday life. Just as the day was ending, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck in West Java slightly before midnight, with the tremors felt by us in Yogyakarta. We had to evacuate the hotel and the team prayed, declaring Psalms 91 over ourselves and the people, before returning to the hotel half an hour later. Despite being warned not to sleep due to the possibility of aftershocks following the initial earthquake, we felt the peace to sleep, trusting that the Lord would wake us up so that we can evacuate in time should we encounter an aftershock.


On the fourth day (16th Dec), it was the day of the Christmas party we had planned for the children at the orphanage. We quickly finished the necessary preparations and arrived at the orphanage early in the evening to kick start the party. While a group of us started setting up for the party, the rest of the team kept the children entertained by chatting and playing with them. We introduced some trending self-entertainment from home like Bottle Flipping and doing the Dab which the children really enjoyed!


The party began with games such as Whacko and H2O which the children actively participated in. Then, our team member, Vivien, took the time to share about Christmas as the season of gifting and the spirit of gifting that God has demonstrated through giving us the gift of salvation. She then encouraged the children to give gifts to one another in the form of an affirming note to each other. The children were very active in writing notes to each other. Envelopes we had prepared for them to seal the notes with quickly ran out because they were writing so many letters to each other!


We distributed food & drinks that we brought to the party and offered to take Polaroid pictures of each child in order to bless them in this Christmas season. The night ended off by giving the children the opportunity to receive the gift of tongues so that they can pray in the Spirit whenever they are afraid. The presence of the Lord was so tangible in the atmosphere that night as we ministered to the children; they teared up and wept before the Lord during the time of ministry. Even though we prayed in English, a language that they have limited understanding of, they were overwhelmed by the Spirit. It was then when we could see for ourselves that our God is a God who transcends language barriers.



Our 5th day there was a Sunday (17th Dec), and we attended Church service with Livingstone Church. I had a chance to share my testimony alongside my team member, Lynn, to the congregation. Following that, we attended a sermon by Pastor Solemon. At the end of the service, fellowshipped with the children and said our goodbyes before we left for Singapore the next day.


The next day, we left for the airport. However a rain storm caused our flight to be delayed and we missed our transit flight at Jakarta. However, God was faithful to us and we met an airport staff who helped us get tickets for a later flight. Although we reached Singapore at a slightly later time, we were thankful that God has brought us safely home.


As a first timer going for a Mission trip, this has been really rewarding for me. The Lord used this trip to reveal more of Himself to me. I went to encourage those in Indonesia, but I have been blessed too; through the experiences and the guidance of my team members. Praise God for such a rewarding trip!


Written by Lim Ting Wei,
INDO 09, 2017
Yogyakarta, Indonesia


PAK 01: Bless Pakistan

17th – 23rd October 2017



The Preparation


Even before the start of the trip, God displayed His faithfulness when the team applied for the visas. For a country that is typically difficult to get into, the success of the application of a team of so many people displayed His hands upon this trip. But we came together in prayer and fasting, in faithfulness we trusted God and surrendered the trip to Him.



The Team


We are a team of 10 people who were assigned to help minister during a 3-day Bless Pakistan conference. It was held at the nation’s capital, Islamabad on 19th-21st October, 2017.  Some of us were nervous as we kept hearing of negative news about the place and even on the conference, but we were also excited to see what God is going to do through us during our mission trip.


Our journey began on the 17th Oct where we flew from Changi to Lahore via Bangkok and met the local church team.  We reached Lahore around midnight and drove from Lahore to Islamabad the following morning.  To our surprise, on our way, we noticed there were many Western food chains in the country and how developed the city was!


Fellowship over Food


On the first day in Islamabad, we managed to spend some time with our brothers and sisters in Christ from the local church over lunch.  We enjoyed the local dishes and had the opportunity to get to know them better, whilst encouraging each other in Spirit.


Food was good and we had many occasions to fellowship over meals. We never went home hungry.



The Conference (19-21 Oct)


We witnessed the mighty move of God during the conference.  It was a historic event for the church of God in Pakistan as this was the first of such a Christian conference, and in a national landmark – the Convention Center of Islamabad.  God is raising up His mighty men and women of Pakistan.  We also witnessed God’s amazing work of reconciliation over the churches in Pakistan.


Pakistanis really have the heart for worship; they sing with all their might and full of gratitude. They are hungry for God’s word and presence, and He was indeed present at all the meetings.


On the final night meeting, the team had the opportunity to give a word of knowledge and the privilege to pray for the people. There were no dry eyes as many were healed, touched by God and repented.


We are thankful to be part of this historical event and we believe that this is just the beginning of many more breakthroughs to come.


Thankfully, the conference went well. During the conference, we were careful and had security personnel following us, but we also knew we had God’s mighty army watching over us! After the conference, we went back to Lahore and stayed there for one night.



Back in Lahore (21-22 Oct)


Worship like a child


We attended the Sunday service at Cornerstone Community Church Lahore. Our task was to conduct the Sunday School service and we had so much FUN with dancing and singing! Their worship was pure and filled with so much love. The atmosphere brought us to the understanding of the verse from Matthew 18:3-4, it says, “Assuredly I say to you unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.”



Back in Singapore


Too short a trip but our hearts continue to Bless Pakistan!

Written by,
Isabel Vanessa Tan & Jesse Cajita on behalf of the team
PAK 01, 2017
Islamabad & Lahore, Pakistan

INDO 05: Surabaya, Indonesia

1 – 5 Sept 2017


A long weekend in September of 2017 saw 6 of us off to Surabaya as Cornerstone Couriers. Unlike other mission trips, we didn’t have much clarity as to the specifics of our outreach, understanding only that we would be assisting at a youth camp and working with Yayasan Pondok Hayat, a ministry strategically located in the heart of Surabaya city and dedicated to serving that community. Of course, that’s but a small issue – for a man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps (Proverbs 16:9). And this wisdom rang true as we saw how God moved in ways we could never have imagined.



At YWI Batu, a lovely retreat in the highlands surrounding Surabaya, we had the privilege of working with four local Christian groups who had come together to organize a camp attended by tweens and teenagers from underprivileged backgrounds. Its theme being Unshakeable – no matter the storms that come their way, they would learn to be strong and unshakeable.


We had been told that we could not openly evangelize due to the political sensitivities of the area, and it was at times difficult to communicate with the participants due to the language barrier. But all this set the stage for God’s glory to shine even greater, as the youths came with raw, open hearts and there was such an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. On Praise & Worship Night, it overflowed into a cry and an invitation for each participant to have a personal encounter with Him.



Pondok Hayat


In Surabaya city, we conducted house visits with the Pondok Hayat staff and ministered to families who openly shared their heart with us. As we asked for words of knowledge, the Lord freely responded and June, our team leader, was heartened to share that she had been able to bless a young man she had prayed over with this.


Armed with sheep beanies, worksheets, songs and lots of crayons, we also taught the kindergarteners of Living Stones, operated by Pondok Hayat, how the Lord is our good, good shepherd. We also prayed for orphans in the care of the Pondok Hayat staff, and bonded with the children at Rumah Anak Simo over soccer and crafts.




We have been truly blessed by the people that we have met on this trip, through whom we see God’s love for the people of Surabaya. May this trip be the start of something greater for Surabaya, and to God be all the glory.


Written by,
June, Reuben, Cheryl, Yu Jun, Lingyuan and Rebecca
INDO 05, 2017
Surabaya, Indonesia

CAM 05: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

2 – 10 Dec 2017

To say that we expected the unexpected seems like an understatement during this mission trip to Cambodia. On the first night, we were worshipping God, praying for revival for the land, and we sensed that God is about to bring forth supernatural healing over the land and her people. God spoke to our leader in a vision that we will meet an influential woman and a man who were somehow related during the course of our trip.


Praying in Kampob Ambel


Praying in Kampob Ambel


Village Kampoub Ambel was filled with eager hearts and desperate cries for redemption by Love. Pastor Dian shared on how Papa God touched his heart and showed him the love of God. Soon after, around 20 villagers responded to the salvation call, with more approaching us for healing and prayer. God showed Himself as a Healer and is faithful.

Uuwen, a woman with stomach pain and a headache came to receive prayer. When we prayed for her the first time, the pain did not leave her. One of our team members felt that there was un-forgiveness in her heart. When we asked, she said she was angry with her husband but she is over it. We led her to forgive her husband. We started praying again and I saw a vision of one of her internal organs, supposedly her stomach and the blood of Christ washing over the organ, covering the whole of her insides as if a cleansing process is taking place. After the second time of praying, the pain in her stomach was gone.

Praying for Piepr


Piepr, was a living testimony who had an axe pierce into the left side of his inner groin since the age of 6. Since then, he would constantly feel sharp pain at the inner groin whenever he walks due to his nerve being affected by the axe. As we prayed, Pastor Dian felt God directed him to observe Pierp’s legs. As he noticed Pierp walk, he seemed to be wobbling due to the imbalance in the length of his legs. We sat him down and Pastor Dian started to command in the Name of Jesus that the left leg, which happened to be shorter than the other, to lengthen to its designed length. Within seconds, the left leg grew in length by roughly an inch or so. When we called him to stand and start walking, we knew God healed him as he got better the more he walked. To top it off, he could even jump and the pain had left him.

Ministry in Village Krayeadongkda


Village Krayeadongkda


The next day, God decided to bring us a double portion when we came to Village Krayeadongkda; more healings occurred compared to the day before. There were many who suffered from joint pains, headaches, stomach pains and back pains which we felt were physical manifestations of the spiritual climate. We knew that there was too much work to be done here in the villages and we had to come back in future.


Missionary Meeting in Phnom Penh


Over the last few days, we headed back to Phnom Penh city for a three-day conference for the local missionaries. We were so blessed to receive teaching from the freedom ministry team! At the end of the conference, the youths were so ministered to and set free! I could sense the comfort and assurance that they received from the Love and forgiveness of the One and Only Papa God.  Indeed, our God is amazing and this is just the beginning of what God is about to do in this nation.


Written by
Hanna Chandar
CAM 05, 2017
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

THAI 01: Chiang Rai, Thailand

7 – 14 Nov 2017


The mission trip has injected variety into the program, packed with activities that offered rich spiritual experience – prayer walks, ministry in villages, prayers for healing and deliverance, New Rice Festival celebrations, birthday party, luncheons with the locals and the bible students. Our host sister, Nancy, has even topped it up with some sides as pleasurable rewards for the team on a few days when pockets of time allowed – Elephant rides, coffee stops, local lunches and visit to the famous Singha Park and a quick stop at a souvenir shop.

God’s favour was upon us by blessing us with amazingly good weather. Contrary to the weather forecast of rain during the period, we did not have to face wet weather, save for one afternoon on 11 November during lunch in a village church. That made our rides and walks along mountain bumpy roads so much convenient and safe.

The programme was well-coordinated and our team leader, Daniel, whose strong leadership enabled the team to participate with incredible unity. Every day, Daniel & Megan briefed us on what was to come and ended the day with reviews and feedback.



Engagement & Interactivity

Engagement with the locals at the Akha Outreach Foundation (AOF) was plenteous. We were not hampered by the language barriers because God’s love and presence transcends beyond boundaries, race and culture. The interpreters were helpful to bridge the gap. God’s presence enabled us to deliver words of knowledge in ways that we could not imagine.

I recall I was praying for one Ahka’s woman and interpreters were busy with other prayer groups. God had impressed upon me about her spirit of heaviness and her plight of lacking in supply.  As I laid hands on her and prayed in the spirit, tears kept flowing; and not only her but me as well! Later, when Nini (interpreter) joined us, I was able to speak prophetically about God’s provision for her and the family.

What most satisfying was the immersive experience I have throughout the trip. First, our prayer walks in the village was joined by a dozen bible students from the AOF. Most were either in their teens or twenties. Our prayer walk was greatly boosted by their powerful incessant singing of praises and worship. It paved the way, broken down walls, pushed back the darkness. The words that came to me then were “And the gate of hell shall not prevail against the people of God”, “And all the trees of the field will clap their hands”.

Another beautiful experience was the opportunity to be back-benchers watching the AOF leaders in their meeting. I was both humbled and inspired by the experience to pray for the leaders. At that moment, God has impressed upon me and I saw a vision of the latter rain on the AOF’s leaders in the room.  Later during lunch with the leaders, each of us were given a publication entitled “Akha Rain” and I was astounded at how the vision gels so nicely with the title of the book!

Prayer is Key

One highlight of the trip was the constant prayers for the congregation, pastors, children and the villagers; nothing should take the place of prayer! I was greatly encouraged by the simple faith of the locals.  Although we did not witness instantaneous healing, I believe God in His sovereignty will bring healing and restoration in His time.

We also became active participants by prayer walking around the village churches and the adjoining compound, praying through every block at the AOF’s premises – boys’ and girls’ dorms, assembly hall, House of Joy and the playground. We claimed victory over these areas and God’s anointing to fill every inch of the compound.



Celebrations and Food

We often read about celebrations, dancing and singing and feasts in the Bible. This came alive for us at the celebration of the New Rice Festival with the locals. It was a whole new experience for me to see the Akha in their tribal costumes lining up at the entrance to welcome our team. They brought their first fruits of the harvest – rice, grains, nuts, melons, ginger, pumpkins, and even chickens(!), placing them at the altar area of the church. Towards the end of the celebration, God impressed upon me the fragrance of flowers and petals from heaven falling upon the church.


Spiritual Experience and Transformation

Every day, God drafted me for something new and unexpected. Just as the locals who were ministered by us, I was also deeply ministered by them in return. Their spirits, love, and faith in God propelled me; I was experiencing spiritual transformation. Each night, after ministry, I went to bed feeling a deep sense of joy that could not be explained.

The hosts, Pastor Aje and sister Nancy, amazed me. They are great role models of true disciples of Christ, full of love and sacrifice, with a passionate heartbeat for the lost and disadvantaged. I was greatly motivated by their commitment to the Great Commission. This has spurred me to be a vessel of love for God, to minister to people in my community and to take up the challenge to go for the next Cornerstone Couriers trips in the near future.

Written by,
Jennifer Ong
THAI 01, 2017
Chiang Rai, Thailand

PHI 04: Marikina, Philippines (PART 2)

13 – 17 Sept 2017

Day 3 – Orphanage / Girl’s Home

At the orphanage. We took Polaroids of every child, made photo frames and asked them to write what they loved most about themselves, to affirm that they are fearfully and wonderfully made in Christ.


Generosity was the recurring theme of the day: a 13 year old asked to take a polaroid with Donna, then told her that it was for her to keep. Also, we made friendship bands at the girls’ home, but they actually outdid us by teaching us even more intricate knots. We ended up learning much more from them instead. At the end, a young girl called Angel even approached Christiane and gave her the beautiful friendship band that she had made.


This really moved us, as to these children, we were mere strangers. But they put themselves aside sharing what they had, just like the poor widow in Mark 12; her two cents were declared by Jesus as the largest offering of all, because it came from the heart. Their Christ-like hearts in that moment humbled and inspired us.


Day 4 – Cornerstone Marikina Sermon on Adoption


At Cornerstone Marikina’s Sunday church service, Gerald Clark, Founder of The Home for Good Foundation, shared his powerful testimony of adoption and his orphan-care ministry. Led by the spirit, Pastor Kathy closed with her story of her own two adopted babies and its accompanying struggles. This resonated with many of our teammates who’ve either been healed of orphan spirits in the past, or have a heart to adopt.


Pastor Kathy encouraged us that she has never seen the Spirit flow as strongly and freely as with our team – “You can tell that this team has prepared and prayed for their trip”. God had honoured our willingness to go beyond what was required! Let this be an encouragement for all who have yet to go out – intercession is crucial! The mission begins the minute you sign up.



Throughout the trip, it never ceased to amaze us how God has clearly given Filipinos such strong, innate musical giftings and a love for music as a nation. Through these, we can already see God moving and touching lost sheep in Marikina. It is a promise of much more in the future, where Philippines as a country will use music to save nations and bring countless people back to Christ.


We left Marikina with a deep burden to pray for more provision as well as labourers to continue sowing seeds in the hearts of Marikina’s children, elderly and homeless. With such little time spent there, we knew that more missionaries still need to come and help them foster a deeper heart change towards Jesus. Our earnest hope is for them to be surrounded by the unceasing embrace of our Father’s loving presence, and to know in their hearts that they are special, they have a purpose, and that they will never, ever be abandoned.


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11


Written by
Christiane and Donna on behalf of the Marikina Phil 04 Team

Photography by Kate and Matthias

PHI 04: Marikina, Philippines (Part 1)

13 – 17 Sept 2017


Day 0 – Arrival


Top to bottom, left to right:
Joel, Terry, Pastor Monroe (Marikina),
Victoria (Marikina), Rachel, Kate, Pastor Kathy (Marikina), Christiane, Donna, Li Min, Joshua, David, Matthias, Gabriela, Madeline and Spencer


The Great Commission resonated strongly in our hearts months before our flight. From the beginning, we made a commitment as a team to go beyond what was required: meeting weekly to intercede for Marikina, worship, bond and prepare thoroughly with the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Because of the intentional seeds we invested in the hope of seeing God’s glory and power break through, we left for Marikina that day as a family on fire: 6 brothers and 7 sisters coming together to serve our Lord.


Together with Pastor Kathy and her team, we shared God’s Word, our testimonies, words of knowledge, home-cooked meals, and led the Filipinos in worship, dance, stories and activities. Many of us stepped out in faith to pray fervently for the people. We saw how our Father moved among His children; proving that He is a God of kept promises. He performed the same signs and wonders in the Bible that we were trusting Him for; the deaf heard, the lame walked, pain ceased, hearts opened, and people were healed physically, emotionally and spiritually!


Day 1 – Kamada Home (Street Families)


On makeshift benches in what looked like a run-down classroom, we dove right into ministry with 80 adults and children from Kamada’s street families; all living together in crowded quarters upstairs. Some young mothers carried their infants and sat amidst the crowd as Cornerstone Marikina’s team led worship, followed by Christiane’s beautiful rendition of “Amazing Grace” (pictured above).


After acting out the Sin-Chair skit, Gabriela taught about God’s promise to save those stuck in sin, and Donna shared about how God transformed her life. Despite it being their first time, it was humbling to witness how the Spirit flowed and tied everyone’s parts together seamlessly.


Some highlights from ministry time include an old lady who was mute and almost completely deaf since childhood, whose hearing was instantly restored after prayer. There was also a 10 year-old girl (below) paralyzed from her hips down since infancy, due to meningitis. After the laying of hands and intercession, she regained sensation in her legs and could stand and walk with aid for the first time in her life!


Boys’ Home

The boys were bursting with excitement when we began praise and worship, especially during our music performance. They mimicked all of our dance moves and we played Tug-Of-War (below). During Matthias’ sharing about identity, we noticed a change in the spiritual atmosphere.


Factory Workers

Meanwhile at the factory, David preached about how God desires to deliver His children from their sin and struggles, sharing a powerful testimony of his uncle whose debts were completely cleared overnight when he trusted God for breakthrough. According to the full-time staff, that night was the first time he saw so many workers responding to an altar call (above: 60% of those attending), compared to the usual 1 in 10 people.




Day 2 – Old Folks’ Home

After a hilariously heartwarming dance medley by the Lolas, we broke into three groups led by Christiane, Joel and Spencer; each sharing their personal testimonies in different parts of the compound.

When Spencer ended his teaching in the main hall with the bold statement, “Jesus come and explode in healing”, throngs of old folks were moved by the Lord to respond to the altar call (below).




In the ward for well-behaved Lolas, there was an old lady who was previously wheelchair-bound and now in a walker due to severe leg pain. After praying once, she could stand for the first time in months, but still could not walk due to curled toes. So we prayed again – her toes uncurled and she was completely healed, walking around the room without any help or pain! From this, God taught us the power of persistence and prayer on the mission field.


Afterwards, we related a vision that God wanted to give her a special present. We encouraged her to ask God what was inside, and with tears in her eyes, she told us that He had given her a new pair of sandals. What boundless love and good gifts our Heavenly Father has for each of His children!


Looking back, divine healings followed wherever we trusted in the Lord and called upon his Spirit: swollen joints, stomach pain, neck stiffness, impaired vision and even paralysis from stroke were healed in Jesus’ name. Many arms and legs that could not move were now fully functional, swinging and kicking for all to see. God truly exploded in healing miracles that day!


Written by,
Christiane & Donna on behalf of Marikina, PHI 04
Photography by Kate & Matthias

Part 2 will be published soon, stay tuned!

PHI 03: Marikina, Philippines

9-14 Aug 2017

For most of us in the team, this missions trip to Philippines was our first missions trip. As such, the team was really excited yet, nervous, as to what this trip held in store for us. We set forth with expectant and open hearts to what God could do through this trip. Moreover, we also partnered with another team from Emmanuel Assembly of God (EAOG) for the entire duration of the trip which was indeed a blessing.


Our team photo at the airport before we embarked on our journey to Philippines!

Women’s Prison

The first place we visited was the women’s prison. Most of us held a preconceived idea that a prison will be a rather cold, unfriendly and dark place. However, the place was drastically different from what we imagined. The women were able to freely move around within the compound, and in actuality, these women were so full of joy that it did not dawn on us that they were in a prison. Our team prepared a special song item, titled “Good Good Father”, for the women. After the song was sung, Pastor Kathy said that she felt the presence of an angel singing alongside our team member who presented the song. This greatly encouraged us and set the tone for the rest of the session. A representative from each team took turns to give a message; amazingly, both teams have prepared a message from the story of the Samaritan woman at the well. The message touched the hearts of the women and that they were thoroughly engaged, some were even shedding tears during the message itself. Indeed, the presence of God was evidently felt during the session.


Boys’ Home, Girls’ Home and Orphanage

The following places we went to were the boys’ home, girls’ homes, and the orphanage. Initially, we were a bit hesitant to take the initiative to approach the children. However, we soon felt at ease with them and we just realized that happiness can be so simple; just taking a photo with them, playing simple games, or even carrying them on our backs could plaster such huge smiles on their faces. It was then that Matthew 25:40 resonated so strongly in me. Whatever we are doing for these children, who were supposedly cast aside by society  – a hug or just loving them – we were doing it unto our Lord Himself. Also, many of us told the children that they were beautiful, which reminded me of Psalms 139:14, that they are fearfully and wonderfully made, each of them precious in God’s sight.


Our theme for the children’s ministry was dreams – how God has destined for them to dream big dreams that will glorify Him. Coincidentally, the team from EAOG was doing their ministry revolving around the theme of “Restoration”. When we pieced together our individual themes, we slowly began to see God’s overarching plan of how He wants to restore the children and then, dream big dreams for Him. We saw many children being touched by the Father’s heart and had an avenue to share the dreams that God has birthed in them.


The boys at the boys’ home posing with their handmade crafts!


One of our team members posing with the girls at the girls’ home (with the trademark Korean heart sign!)


Interacting with the children at the orphanage.


Old Folks’ Home

The last place we visited was the old folks’ home. It was a place that really left a huge impact in our hearts. Hundreds of elderly were housed within a small compound and some of the living conditions left a few of us in tears as we just felt so much empathy from within. However, during the later part of our session where we interacted with the elderly, we could feel that our companionship and conversations made them so joyful; that was enough to bring immense warmth to our hearts.

The elderly joining us for songs & dance!


On our last day of the mission trip, our team went to Cornerstone Community Church, Marikina. We first attended the main service with Ps Kathy preaching. When we reached the venue, instantaneously, it felt like our own service back at home! After a short lunch, we sat in for the Generations (youth) service. The atmosphere was lively after a series of games and forfeits. One of our team members shared regarding the season of rain to encourage the youths to press on for their school outreaches. Because of the typhoon that happened recently, some Geners went back to school for make-up lessons. However, thank God that many of the outreach leaders were present. When our team prayed for the youths, we were greatly impacted and felt that their hearts were so hungry and on fire for God.


One of our team members preaching with a translator.


Though we started the trip with another team from EAOG, we ended as one huge team – a body of Christ. It was so fascinating to see how our messages and activities were in sync. Even though we may be teams from different churches, we still serve the one and only true God. As what Ps Yang said, it takes a citywide church to bring in a citywide revival. We had the absolute privilege to see a glimpse of that in our time in Marikina. Overall, I can proudly say that it has been an extremely blessed mission trip.


Our last photo with Ps Kathy before we bid our goodbyes.


MYN 01: Yangon, Myanmar 2017

28 Aug – 3 Sept 2017

A team of 6 members comprising 4 sisters and 2 brothers embarked on our journey to Yangon with mostly first timers; except for myself, who was there last year for the children’s prayer retreat. We visited 3 sister & partner churches, two children homes, several homes and slum areas. On the first night, we were in awe of the worship by the students from the ministry school which opened heavenly portals. The abiding presence of God remained strongly felt as we continue the rest of our journey.


Children’s Homes

We visited two children’s home (Pastor Caleb’s and Pastor Nandar’s) and were overwhelmed by the children’s warm reception. We were also very impressed with how well-behaved the children were! They helped out with everything in the house such as cleaning the common areas, cooking, and the older children took care of the younger ones.  The team put up a puppet show about the life of Daniel and played games with them. Everyone had a tremendous time together!


Prior to visiting Pastor Nandar’s children home, we felt that it was important to bless the children and to reaffirm their importance to God. As we spoke the words of blessing, we believe that there will be a change in their mindsets, not only catching a glimpse of who they are in Christ but also as mighty warriors, remaining as a lasting impression for them.


Slum Visit

Our hosts brought us by train to the slum area to share the gospel. After splitting into 3 groups, we separated into the various alleys. The houses in the slum area were small. Most only had a room in which the occupants ate, rested and slept. Thank God for His grace as the entire experience was mostly easy for us. All we had to do was to share the gospel or testimonies and quite a number of the residents readily accepted Christ into their lives! It seemed as if the seeds had been sown and all we had to do was to reap.


We have recorded a total of 19 salvations and will keep them in prayer that the Holy Spirit will continue to lead and guide them. For the rest of the families who have yet to receive Christ, we are grateful for this opportunity to sow seeds in them, and believe it is only a matter of time before they are saved.


Ps Nandar’s Ministry

Wednesday morning, after devotion, we went to Ps Nandar’s home where she occasionally holds her ministry for HIV patients and other invited guests. The people were from the vicinity of the village. The team shared their wonderful testimonies.


Lawrence preached a sermon on having the joy of the Lord. One of the villagers shared a testimony of how the Lord healed her. She was coughing blood and had to be admitted to hospital. They prayed the whole night for her and the next day, the doctor diagnosed that there was nothing wrong with her. All glory to God! A man brought his family for the meeting and his whole family of 4 received salvation. As the team ministered to the people, the Holy Spirit descended and the presence of God was very strong. It was truly a memorable morning.


Nga Su Taung Cornerstone Church

We taught them the power of the name of Jesus Christ and His blood, with a focus on how to deal with and be delivered from negative emotions. This was followed by practical training and declarations. During ministry, the Holy Spirit moved powerfully and the majority fell under His power and were touched. God is so awesome and we witnessed God’s love, power and glory that morning!!!

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MYN 01 (collectively), 2017
Yangon, Myanmar

INDO 01: Batam, Indonesia

29 June – 3 July 2017

Syaloom! Our team pioneered the first ever courier trip to Gereja Bethel Rohulkudus (GBR) church in Batam.


Some #funfacts for you, readers:

  1. The distance from Harbourfront to Batam is actually closer than Pasir Ris to Jurong!
  2. I took about the same time to get from Batam to Harbourfront, compared to Harbourfront to my home in the northeast


GBR church is situated within the village area south of Batam. It serves the local community with the focus of running children ministry programs in the surrounding neighbourhoods. The meetings are often held in the various houses of the villagers. GBR also has about 20 Bible students, aged 16-30 years old, who reside within the church with the responsibility of running the programmes.


On our first children’s ministry session, I teamed up with Jeannie, Wei Kian, and 3 students. We headed to a nearby village about a 15-minute drive away. As we got off the vehicle and walked towards the house where the gathering was held (only accessible by foot), Daniel Aritonang – a son of GBR, started calling out the names of the children as we walked by their houses. One by one, we would see them excitedly run out of their houses and follow Daniel as we marched towards the gathering place.


Almost instantly, we were reminded of the gospels where Jesus called out His disciples to follow Him. From a young age of 2-10, these children gather at the house every week to worship, pray and learn about God. It was amazing to see the energy and passion that the Bible students had for God and the children. This same passion was reflected in the children during times of worship and prayer. Clearly, this is a picture of discipleship.


Daniel Aritonang (left), as he enters the house where the children gather


Children praising and worshipping God


The church runs such gatherings around the surrounding villages everyday, up to twice daily. It may also be done concurrently at different venues as the students are allocated to different places. As for our contribution to the ministry, we prepared crafts and games, which we would then use to illustrate a teaching.

Drawing and colouring on a paper plate crown to signify us being children of God I

Drawing and colouring on a paper plate crown to signify us being children of God II


Apart from children’s ministry, the team was often put on a spot when we were asked to share a word, a testimony or even sing a song. Thankfully, we had this covered as preparing a message was part of our pre-trip preparations. Over the next few days, we each took turns to share in the bible students’ devotional time, two youth services and two main services on Sunday. At times, we were led to pray for the students as well as various individuals among the community.

Praying for the daughter-in-law of Pastor Pantas and her son, Miguel who lived in the same house as us during our stay.



GBR is a church that spans way beyond its four walls. While they may not have much as compared to the churches in Singapore, Pastor Pantas Aritonang, founder of GBR, shared that 10 years ago, a missionary prophesied that there would never be lack in GBR; that God would provide for every necessity. From providing food for over 30 people residing in GBR daily, running children ministries all over, bills and many more – all these were evidence of His providence. God is doing a great work through GBR in Batam and we were indeed blessed to be a part of the GBR family for the 5 days.

Group shot with the GBR family at Barelang bridge



For most of us, Batam was our first mission experience. Despite Batam being so close to Singapore, we saw for ourselves how the two cities are worlds apart. Our hearts are enlarged as each of us return home with the question, ‘What about my community and how may God use me?’


P.S. I strongly recommend this trip for students and youth who may be tight on budget but wish to experience the mission field. Remember my #funfacts? Now go! And be a blessing to the nations.


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Luke Tan Ming Li
INDO 01, 2017
Batam, Indonesia