Cornerstone Builders

Mid-term missions that make a long-lasting
difference in the nations


Mid-term missions that make a long-lasting
difference in the nations

Our “Builders” programme is a new platform that we introduced to bridge the gap between Couriers and Apprentice. It is a short term mission trip programme (4 days to 2 weeks depending on the nature of the trip), where mature Spirit-filled believers make a two-year commitment to go back to a nation to build & empower the local churches.

The vision for our Builders programme is to “build in the nations“, taking a step deeper from blessing the nations.

Pioneer builders of “China Alive”,
Cornerstone’s prayer-birthed missions programme to China,
Pastor Samuel Wong and Eve Yeo share their unique missions model,
the Builder’s Programme:

China Alive provides a platform for people to serve Cornerstone’s network of churches in China. They can do this by going, praying, giving, or serving with their gifts or ideas. Their core team consists of 20 people, and they have the flexibility to serve as much as they are able.

Having established deep relationships with churches and communities across China over the years, China Alive’s ministry is both deep and wide. Hence, the team is able to facilitate a spectrum of opportunities for volunteers of all abilities and motivations– ranging from those who simply want to come and see what God is doing, to those who sense God’s call in their lives to China.

China Alive acts as a middleman between brethren in Singapore who want to serve, and Cornerstone churches in China. With Pastor Samuel’s extensive knowledge of Chinese culture and the specific needs of the churches there, he is able to effectively match volunteers to them.

“Anybody can come (to serve), and I will have a place for them,” assures Pastor Samuel. There are no barriers to serve. Those who may feel they are less able to contribute because they are older, less mobile, or not fluent in Chinese need not fear, as China Alive is able to match volunteers according to strengths as well as limitations. For example, one sister who was not confident of her ability to speak good Chinese, but was gifted to teach children, was placed to teach English to kids. The ministry also provides practical assistance and spiritual covering from China Alive team members and sister churches in China, to ensure a meaningful, safe experience for their volunteers.

Why go? “When you enter a land, you will experience in greater measure whether God has called you,” says Eve. Previous China Alive volunteers have experienced the hospitality of the Chinese church, and have been transformed by the hunger of Christians in China.

Could God be calling you to be part of this work today?

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