CAM 05: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

2 – 10 Dec 2017

To say that we expected the unexpected seems like an understatement during this mission trip to Cambodia. On the first night, we were worshipping God, praying for revival for the land, and we sensed that God is about to bring forth supernatural healing over the land and her people. God spoke to our leader in a vision that we will meet an influential woman and a man who were somehow related during the course of our trip.


Praying in Kampob Ambel


Praying in Kampob Ambel


Village Kampoub Ambel was filled with eager hearts and desperate cries for redemption by Love. Pastor Dian shared on how Papa God touched his heart and showed him the love of God. Soon after, around 20 villagers responded to the salvation call, with more approaching us for healing and prayer. God showed Himself as a Healer and is faithful.

Uuwen, a woman with stomach pain and a headache came to receive prayer. When we prayed for her the first time, the pain did not leave her. One of our team members felt that there was un-forgiveness in her heart. When we asked, she said she was angry with her husband but she is over it. We led her to forgive her husband. We started praying again and I saw a vision of one of her internal organs, supposedly her stomach and the blood of Christ washing over the organ, covering the whole of her insides as if a cleansing process is taking place. After the second time of praying, the pain in her stomach was gone.

Praying for Piepr


Piepr, was a living testimony who had an axe pierce into the left side of his inner groin since the age of 6. Since then, he would constantly feel sharp pain at the inner groin whenever he walks due to his nerve being affected by the axe. As we prayed, Pastor Dian felt God directed him to observe Pierp’s legs. As he noticed Pierp walk, he seemed to be wobbling due to the imbalance in the length of his legs. We sat him down and Pastor Dian started to command in the Name of Jesus that the left leg, which happened to be shorter than the other, to lengthen to its designed length. Within seconds, the left leg grew in length by roughly an inch or so. When we called him to stand and start walking, we knew God healed him as he got better the more he walked. To top it off, he could even jump and the pain had left him.

Ministry in Village Krayeadongkda


Village Krayeadongkda


The next day, God decided to bring us a double portion when we came to Village Krayeadongkda; more healings occurred compared to the day before. There were many who suffered from joint pains, headaches, stomach pains and back pains which we felt were physical manifestations of the spiritual climate. We knew that there was too much work to be done here in the villages and we had to come back in future.


Missionary Meeting in Phnom Penh


Over the last few days, we headed back to Phnom Penh city for a three-day conference for the local missionaries. We were so blessed to receive teaching from the freedom ministry team! At the end of the conference, the youths were so ministered to and set free! I could sense the comfort and assurance that they received from the Love and forgiveness of the One and Only Papa God.  Indeed, our God is amazing and this is just the beginning of what God is about to do in this nation.


Written by
Hanna Chandar
CAM 05, 2017
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

In Appreciation of Cornerstone’s Couriers Team; Cambodia

From the Desk of Solomon Independent School

In appreciation of Cornerstone Courier Team – unto the uttermost part of the earth in Cambodia

1-5 December 2016

When I heard that Cornerstone Church Singapore would be sending a “Courier Team” to Solomon Independent School, my first thought was that the Church might want to donate used clothes, old shoes, toys and leftovers through the services of DHL Courier. Thank God, things turned out even better. The Church sent a team of 13 members to the school instead. They arrived on 1 December 2016 by plane – not DHL Courier – and came in obedience to God’s calling to bless our children, pray for the sick, minister to the poor and needy and share the Gospel in Cambodia.


The Courier Team ministered, first and foremost, to the children of Solomon Independent School, through lively and meaningful activities. Parents and children were invited to celebrate Christmas together in school, where the Gospel was widely preached. We also had a wonderful time of fellowship with the local youths. The team further divided themselves into four groups and dispersed to visit many villages, giving out rice and dry rations as love-gifts. Our Cornerstone Couriers brought the Love and Blessings of the Lord to the doorsteps of the young and old, the poor and needy, the ailing and the lost. The sick received prayers of healing in Jesus’s name, and the Gospel was shared to many families.


We appreciate very much the video posted by Joanne,  which presents a beautiful picture of the eventful time that the team spent with our School.



6-9 December 2016


Together with three Cambodian Pastors – Pastors Kea, Mok and Rom – Team Leader Luke and I extended our trip to Kampong Preah An, situated by the Mekong river, facing Laos. It took us several hours to arrive at the three villages there. The villagers were invited to assemble by the Mekong river, where we distributed rice and other rations. There, I supported Luke who was preaching by the Mekong river, in the footsteps of Christ preaching at the sea of Galilee. About 190 villagers from the three villages gathered to celebrate Christmas as one. Many came, and were given physical and spiritual food; many prayed the sinner’s prayer and received Jesus into their lives.


Our new believers soon faced some persecution: they were barred from drawing water from the well owned by non-believers. And so upon our return to Singapore, with the Church’s blessing and under Luke’s leadership, a sum of USD1,000 was raised immediately from Luke’s cell group. The money was sent over and has been used to build a new well – where ALL who thirst can come and draw the Living Water from the well. I believe the well-water must taste especially good, since Pastor Kea has just received requests from two other villages, Kampong Poh and Commune Selaumi, for us to build similar wells for them.

Much love and blessings,
Brother Eric

CAM 03: Phnom Pehn, Cambodia

CAM 03: 3-11 Sept 2016

My team of five other members and myself landed in Cambodia on the 3rd of September 2016, which marked the beginning of a series of events that would leave an indelible mark on many of our hearts. Upon arrival, my team and I quickly took in the sights and smells of this new land before meeting the core leaders of a local church that Cornerstone is connected to for a prayer meeting. The prayer meeting saw a team of Cambodians eager to see God rain down upon their land. This got me excited about what would happen over the next few days; I was certainly not disappointed!


Our team of six people broke into two groups and went to different areas over the next few days; half of the team went to Solomon Independent School, and the other half went to visit Daughters of Cambodia.


Stella Kwan, a teacher on the Singapore team, was part of the group that went to Solomon Independent School. For three days, the team taught the students and trained the teachers. They also introduced Physical Education (PE) to them, which brought great delight to the little children. Being a seasoned school teacher herself, Stella was able to bring valuable insight as to how the school could be better structured so as to provide greater quality education to the children. While her contributions to the school were evident, Stella insisted that she was at the receiving end of the blessing. She recounts that “Phnom Penh has been a place of blessing; from having a cup of coffee while looking out into the green field, to hearing the sound of children strolling into class with their energized smiles.  The children in Solomon Independent School are so naive and innocent, and are a grateful lot. They exuded a sense of contentment that was unfortunately uncommon in many Singaporean kids. I really enjoyed my time there with God in the midst of nature and also with the people of Cambodia, especially the children.”


While basking in the wonderful time shared with the children, the seasoned teacher was also able to quickly recognise the needs of the school and how Cornerstone Singapore could better assist them in the coming days. Stella noted that “while the Solomon International School has lots to offer, there seem to be many apparent and great needs too. For instance, while the teachers are doing their best to educate the students, they received little training, lacking the required expertise and knowledge as to how best to nurture the children using the existing resources. The brief time that I had with them made me aware of the need for a trainer to be on site during their school term for an extended period of time so as to better assist and support them in their teaching.” The work done in the past few days had undoubtedly improved the standard of teaching but we believe that more can be done and are excited to see how God will use this school in the coming days to touch the community.


Meanwhile, the other team visited Daughters of Cambodia, a ministry devoted to supporting those trapped in the sex industry of Cambodia, empowering them to walk free and start a new life. Those who were saved from the sex industry were given employment opportunities in their non profit businesses. Some of which included working in a factory that designed bags and handcrafts, and a café. I had the privilege of being a part of this team and to say the very least, it was one of the absolute highlights of the trip. For about four hours at a time, we would sit around and have the staff and volunteers come in one after another to share their prayer needs and praying with them. During the brief 10-15 minutes we had with each of them, Holy Spirit led the prayer, allowing us to minister to their hearts.


I was so excited when I heard what we were going to do because I have always wanted to release the heart of God to people accurately and see God move in the lives of the people around me on a consistent basis. However, when we finally got down to doing so, I had many fears about how it will turn out. And for as long as I felt the pressure to hear accurately from God, I simply could not do so, and it really frustrated me. Thankfully, I was soon reminded that the whole purpose of this ministry time is not about me releasing accurate words of prophecy, but about the people being ministered to and touched by the love of God. I have learned that at the end of the day, the goal is love and not performance.


That reminder radically changed my entire approach to the ministry time. Instead of focusing on receiving a word, my focus shifted to loving and caring for each person the same way I thought Jesus would. I began giving my fullest attention to each person I was talking to, and prayed for each of them by name. I realized that as when I chose to love and fully care for the person in front of me, the words naturally flowed. It seemed as though the temperature of love that I set in my heart was an ideal condition for God to put a small piece His heart in mine. Soon, I witnessed God touching the hearts of the people we were ministering to and healing their bodies.


One lady was healed from pain that she experienced in her ears for two weeks! Before prayer, she said that her ears would hurt whenever the wind brushed against her and that she would feel light headed and weak. After the prayer, she joyfully remarked that the pain had completely left her, no longer feeling light headed but she felt strength come into her! Seeing her face light up with such joy when she realized what God had done for her made me so happy! Another staff excitedly exclaimed that he got healed of a pain in his back that had been there for a long time. Many of the girls we ministered to shared with tears in their eyes about how the words that the team released spoke so much to them as it was the very thing their hearts were worried and concerned about. This experience taught me that love is really the foundation of the prophetic ministry; when we love, we will be able to move in sync with the God who loves, releasing the heart and power of God to the people around.


Jasmin Zhan, who was also part of the team who went to the Daughters of Cambodia ministry, felt that the time spent there was the most significant part of the trip for her. She recounted that “we prophesied, released inner healing, deliverance and the beauty of Jesus into their hearts. I was impacted by the hunger of the people who desired to hear from God with such simple hearts. It was an open heaven experience for me where impressions and visions from God just came one after another for His beloved children. I could not hold back the tears from rolling down my cheeks as I released God’s heart. I am thankful to God for being able to be His vessel that channels His love to my fellow brothers and sisters. This trip has taught me to put my confidence in God and not be afraid to walk in the supernatural.


I am glad to share that through this trip, Jasmin was not the only one who had overcome the fear of walking in the supernatural. In fact, over 40 missionaries were trained and equipped to walk in the prophetic and to release the supernatural in their various spheres of life. My team and I spent the rest of our time in Cambodia with a group of missionaries from various ministries as we sat under the teaching of Pastor Dian who gave an in depth lesson about the prophetic and spiritual warfare. Through several sessions, many learnt about hearing God consistently and releasing the heart and power of God to the people around. The missionaries in attendance shared how grateful they were to have attended the training, and one of the attendees remarked that it was a wonderful, powerful and helpful session. During one of the sessions, all the participants were randomly grouped with people that they did not know and were asked to prophesy over each other. Many, including myself, received words of encouragement and were touched by God’s love. So many of us left the few days of training not just encouraged, but further equipped to do the work of the ministry.


We ended the trip back where we started – with the local church where Pastor Dian preached at the main service, where once again, many were encouraged and strengthened by the word.


Those few days in Cambodia seemed to have done so much in our hearts; learning more about the prophetic, breaking fear and other limitations that previously held many of us back from stepping out.  There is so much that could be shared but suffice to say, I am so thankful to have gone for the trip and am tremendously blessed to have experienced and learnt what I did in my brief time there. Once again, what started as a desire bless the land of Cambodia turned out to have blessed me tremendously instead. God is just so good!


Compiled & written by

Cheryl Lek, Cambodia


Dinner with our COVP missionary, Josephine!



Training with missionaries in Cambodia





CAM 02: Poipet & Sihanoukville

CAM 02: Poipet & Sihanoukville

CAM 02: 9 – 13 Aug 2016

If walking with Jesus is an adventure, then I liken a Cornerstone Courier trip to a roller coaster ride – it’s exhilarating with twists and turns, expect the unexpected, rush of adrenaline as all your senses are heightened and such joy and satisfaction thereafter. The minute I’m off the ride, I tell myself I will do it all over again.

After a couple months of prayer, planning and running errands to purchase items and materials we need for a youth camp in Cambodia, we departed sunny Singapore for rainy Cambodia. We were excited to meet 75 young people from 2 churches, Poipet city and Kampong Speu province, and the location of the camp was in a church, along the gorgeous beaches of Sihanoukville. Most of the young people have never seen the sea because Cambodia is largely landlocked so it was a real treat for them!

Watching the hand of God through the unfolding of events, His divine protection and His great love through answered prayers was the greatest experience for our team. Just a couple days before the trip, one of our members was ill and her fever would not go down. Her colleague frightened us by telling her it could be HFMD (hand foot mouth disease). We immediately stood with her in prayer and asked for divine health and protection, speaking against all lies and intimidation. After a quick visit to the doctor, it turned out to be just a common cold. Through this, we learned to stand and believe in the mission God has for us.

Upon arriving at Sihanoukville via a public bus from Phnom Penh, we found that a box of supplies we packed was nott on the bus. A call made to the Phnom Penh office yielded nothing so we had to purchase everything all over again, but God gave us peace and a spirit to adapt and make the most of what we have. We determined that a run to the supermarket would not spoil our mood.

On the first day of camp, we saw showers and thunderstorm which did not let up until the afternoon. We were prepared to change our plans but we prayed in faith, believing the weather would change. It would be a huge disappointment for the youth if we were to cancel going to the beach. However, exactly at the appointed time on both days, the rain stopped! When we came back to church in the evening, the rain came back. It was a revelation of how God loves His children and wants to be glorified in meeting our wants and desires. We also experienced power cuts for a couple hours every day (possibly due to the rain) but we worshipped with the drums and danced in sweat. Nothing was going to stop our praise and worship!

The highlights of our trip were the 15 salvations and the many young people who were set free. Cambodia is notorious for being steeped in idolatry but through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, in worship and in unwavering faith, we witnessed many healings and deliverances! It was a time of unspeakable joy for them!

Youth camp has always been times of fun and games, building relationships, have leaders rise up, corporate prayer for the nation and a time of refreshment in God’s presence. So it was, even for us from Singapore. We are two countries but the same sons and daughters of Father God. Cambodia is ripe for the harvest, with many people yearning for a hope and saviour. They are ready to turn their hearts back to the Father, accept His unconditional love and walk humbly in His ways. We caught a glimpse of that through the eyes of these excited young people. We can only imagine what God can do through their lives and we are completely grateful that He trusts us and allowed us to play a small role in making that happen.

Written by
Melissa Seet, Cambodia


Phnom Penh: In a tuk tuk buying supplies with 2 church volunteers



Camp group photo


Sihanoukville beach


By the Mekong River in Phnom Penh, pretending we are on a river cruise

Varsity Ministry in Cambodia!


Being a varsity ministry, it was indeed apt that the main agenda for our trip was to do street evangelism at various Cambodian campuses; namely Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), International University (IU) and Sen Sok High School (SSHS). For many of us, the prospect of approaching strangers in a foreign land was initially an intimidating one. However, this was soon overcome once we met the warmest and friendliest students, who were more often than not willing to talk with and engage us. It was also surprising to learn that many of them had actually heard about Jesus before. Indeed, the seeds are already sown; God is moving in this nation!

Just as we were set to continue our campus evangelism the next day, our plans were met with dismal news- school had been cancelled for that day! Questions raced through our minds – With no students around, how do we get the harvest? We decided however, that we would do a prayer walk around the campuses and we confidently headed out to IU. After 15 minutes of prayer walking, we were suddenly called into an office within the campus. It turned out that the university’s Deputy Director of International Relations had learnt that there was a group of Singaporean university students on campus, and wanted to discuss opportunities for future cooperation! It was amazing how doors were opening, just like that! What a miracle! We were beyond amazed at what God was doing as we watched the Deputy Director converse with our two team leaders. God was teaching us that things don’t always happen the way we want it… because His ways are undoubtedly the best! Never fear!

We continued to be greeted with more open doors at SSHS. Although school was cancelled, there were a few students on campus. Our time spent here was equally special as it was as if God had singled out the very people He wanted us to talk to. This was clear when two of our team members approached a student and eventually led him to Christ. What was amazing was that the testimonies of our team members spoke squarely to the exact problems and struggles that this student was facing! Hallelujah!

The culmination of our evangelism was a youth fellowship event held at a national park. The programme started with us putting up a skit for the attendees. One of our team leaders then shared the gospel as well. Although it started raining halfway, the sharing continued, and a number of people responded to the call for salvation even amidst the rain! Games and lunch then followed, which gave us a chance to interact with our Cambodian peers.


Seeds of faith were definitely taking root in all our hearts as we partnered with God to step out in boldness and live out Mark 16:15 every day. We grew in boldness and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit; which propelled us to rise up and claim His promises for the Cambodians we met and also for ourselves. Many of us also experienced personal breakthroughs that we never expected and some even received words of knowledge about their individual destinies!

Indeed, we left Singapore ready to touch the Cambodians with His love, but we could have never imagined how impacted we would be by our Cambodian brethren in return. Our Cambodian contact, Vuthea’s dedication and selflessness to our team touched us greatly. Aside from being the Assistant Pastor of Covenant Church Phnom Penh, Vuthea also oversaw all its operational aspects. His wife had just given birth and on top of that, his new born baby daughter was also unwell, but he sacrificed his precious family time to spend these five days with us- bringing us for our outreaches and settling every minute detail of our logistics so that we could be comfortable and at peace. We were also very thankful to be able to labour in unity with our translators in the various schools we did street evangelism in.

Regardless of the fact that we had only spent a total of five days in this beautiful Cambodian Kingdom, every single day was testament to God’s potent goodness and faithfulness. From our morning devotions we had together with Vuthea and our translators; to our moments of joy and laughter over our meals, it was so beautiful how God had taught us so much about His heart for people in the nations.

On our last night with our gracious hosts and translators, the silent tears concealed in the night were testament to how we had all become a family united by His love and purpose- despite the fact that we hailed from different lands. It was hard to say goodbye- all of us had experienced joy, hardship and triumph as we laboured together and the Cambodians we met had left pieces of their hearts with us.


Before we left for Singapore, we had the privilege of attending a Sunday service at Covenant Church Phnom Penh. We put up a song item and two of our team members shared their testimonies with the congregation. It was a beautiful way to end our trip on Father’s Day and we were reminded of our Heavenly Father’s love and promises as we spent our last few hours with the Cambodians.

We speak confidently on behalf of the team, that we will definitely be back in the mission field to be His hands and feet in the nations.

To God be the glory!


Written by Jonathan Ng and Sarah Thomas, CAM 01


Phnom Penh, 11-16 Dec 2014


Every Couriers trip is short yet life changing. Every trip is indeed different and this was no exception. One thing I really felt about this team was that it seemed really “seamless”, if I might say. Where one was weak, the other would naturally cover him/her up; everything and everyone fit in very well and we had great fun among all the events that took place over the days. It was amazing to see in practicality how the kingdom of God can move powerfully when everyone puts their hand to the plough and gives their five loaves and two fishes for God to multiply.

Even before the trip started, we could testify of the Lord’s goodness and providence in how some of us had really signed up and prepared for the trip by faith and finally, God provided every single cent needed for the trip at His sovereign timing. As the date of departure neared, we had built up great expectations of how the Lord would move in our trip!

Some of the memorable events were heading out to the universities to do street evangelism. Unhindered by the language barriers and inspired by our other team members’ zeal and passion to share the Gospel with anyone who would listen, we walked in boldness and courage and split into teams to invite the local students to our evangelistic youth Christmas event.


The preparation for this event was also divinely made “seamless”, because of how everyone had different giftings and a heart to serve; one would simply slip right in to serve the other. A service had never run so smoothly without any jitters!

On the day of the event, our eyes lit up when we saw some familiar faces we met in the schools, knowing they had crossed through rocky paths and even dumpsters and wild dogs, in faith of a stranger’s invitation, just to get to where the event was held. And yes, they received Christ at the salvation call! We also saw how one youth brought eight of her friends to the event and how each of them raised their hands at the salvation call. The presence of God was so real and the testimony and message was so powerful it pierced at the hearts of those who heard it. Wow God!




The next day after Sunday service, we got to hang out with some of the youths who were involved in the church. Despite some language barriers, the common love for God and serving Him bonded us really quickly. Over cokes, fries and burgers, we shared with them a vision of revival and how their nation and friends could all know God! It was heart-warming for us to see God connect different nations of youths together for His greater purposes.


In other home group visits, we saw how the locals lived and though I was slightly uncomfortable at some parts, yet I saw first-hand how the hearts of those who long to know Him were so sincere. We are called to be the people who go to feed the hungry and restore the broken. It was definitely not just about meeting the practical needs of food and shelter, but also the spiritual needs for everyone needs to know the Lord and to experience the fullness and abundance of all that God has in store for them.



Maybe I have been too accustomed to the first world youth generation’s way of ministry. But it’s really more than that, because there are many of God’s people who are hungry, broken, dying and lost out there. And we must go. Each trip expands my vision to see beyond my comfort zone, and does something in my spirit. I don’t know how I fit into this picture entirely because I know I don’t have a full time missionary call yet, but even as I join the Couriers programme each year, my heart gets increasingly broken for the nations, which is why I set it in my calendar as a must-go event every year. It’s such a ripe harvest field here in Cambodia and I can’t wait to come back again.

Written by Rystine Tan, CAM 02