CHI 03: GX, China

CHI 03: 1-13 Aug 2016

In the months leading up to the trip, the team felt that God wanted to break through in the lives of the people of Guangxi. Thus, we decided on the theme “超越”, or “transcend”, for the youth camp that would be held from 4th to 6th August. We believed that God is going to bring greater breakthroughs in the lives of His people in Guangxi and set them free, transcending above their circumstances, their limits and to step into the destiny and calling that God has prepared for them.


Right from the start, God dared us to believe for more; to dare to dream of bigger things even as God brought about a miraculous increase in attendees, bringing the total number of campers to approximately 70, almost double that of the previous year’s. This was an outcome none of the team members had thought possible, but God is truly a God of the impossible. The youth camp was held over a period of two and half days, consisting of 5 sessions and various other activities. The 5 sessions were anchored by both members of the team as well as two local leaders.


Throughout the 5 sessions, the Word given by God impacted the youths as they learned to be secure in their identities as beloved children of God. They contemplated their motivations even as they grabbed hold of dreams which were once broken, but now restored by God. The last day of camp had a particularly powerful time of worship, as God’s thick presence fell upon the room and many had a personal and intimate encounter with God. Moreover, testimonies poured forth every night, especially on the last day of camp, greatly encouraging both the local body and the team.


The camp was largely headed and organized by the local team of leaders, a first for them. We had the privilege of seeing how God had raised them up and brought them into greater areas of ministry and responsibilities; we are anticipating for more!

*images have to be blurred for the safety of the congregation



In our time of preparation for the trip, God also impressed upon our hearts to reinforce the lessons of the fruits of the Holy Spirit that were taught to the kids in Sunday School. Hence, we decided to use the “Fruits of the Holy Spirit” as the theme of the children’s camp which was held during the second week of our trip.


The children’s camp was held over 3 days, with praise and worship, lessons and worship art as well. The lessons were taught by different members from both the Singapore team and the local church. It was accompanied by either a game or craftwork to reinforce their learning. We also had a live skit at the start of each day to exemplify the fruits of the Spirit in practical daily situations that the kids would be able to understand.


On the second day, we had a few kids coming up to share their testimonies followed by a salvation call. What an amazing joy it was to see many kids coming forward to give/rededicate their lives to Jesus! Among the 41 children attending the camp, 11 were newcomers of which 10 accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior for the very first time!


Another memorable segment was worship art, where we would play some soaking music in the background at the end of the day while we encouraged the children to draw on a piece of paper what God is speaking to them. Throughout the 3 days, we witnessed how God spoke to the children. By the third day, even some of the newcomers who did not know what to write/draw initially now had so much to write/draw.


Throughout the camp, the children displayed such hunger for the Word of God. Even as we taught on the fruits of the Holy Spirit, we ourselves were inspired by the earnest desires for the things of God. Members of the team who had been to Guangxi previously were also particularly encouraged by the growth that they see in some of the older children and how they’ve come to a greater level of intimacy in their walk with God.

Written by
Andrew Chong, Guang Xi, China



Trip to China

One month leading up to this seven day trip, my team consisting of Xin Yi, Avis, Vivien and myself (Sue Yuan) met biweekly for a time of prayer, planning and a time of connecting with Cornerstone’s China Alive Ministry (CAM). Through each meeting, the Lord slowly aligned our mindsets and prepared our hearts for the trip.


On 17th August 2015, in the evening, we arrived at our destination and were welcomed by the warm hospitality of the pastors. We got to know them a little better over dinner and rested for the day, and our official program itinerary begun the following day. Xin Yi shared a message on the nature of Father God in a combined cell group meeting while Avis and Vivien shared their testimonies, and the team ministered to the people during the time of response. We saw many despondent individuals renewing their hope in God and a lady being touched by a word of knowledge to contend for physical healing in her body. Through this cell gathering, we also saw one Salvation. Praise the Lord!


We spent the bulk of our time in the preschool as we conducted a holiday camp to promote English Literacy in the centre. The team took turns to facilitate lessons for the children and shared pedagogies with the local preschool teachers. It was a great time getting to know the children and to minister to them with prayer and counsel in the snippets of time throughout the day. The team and myself were greatly humbled by the love and wisdom the teachers carried in managing the pastoral aspects of the children. When dealing with these children, a large number from dysfunctional families, we saw firsthand how the teachers and pastors constantly maintained a posture of prayer even in handling the little trifles in class. They spoke tenderly and firmly the word of Truth to the children and often called out the destiny in them. We were amazed by the stories of how the Lord had transformed the children and met with the needs in the centre.  It was very evident that the Lord was preparing for Himself an army of passionate lovers who were strong in Him and knew His ways.

For the nights, we attended the church’s prayer meeting and conducted sound and worship trainings for the kids and main worship team of the church. It was a time of equipping and strengthening the church in the practical ways we know to move the church forward. Through this time, God was faithful. For most of these gatherings, His presence would often intensify at a certain point of the meeting, and He would speak and share His heart to the people – especially directly to the key leaders of the Church. By His grace, we also saw visions and were impressed with words of encouragement for the congregation. It was a blessing to be in the midst of His presence and what He was doing. We ended off with a last service on Sunday and ministered to those who felt that they needed a rekindling of their fire for the Lord.


Through the trip, the team and I were in great awe that God could use us in ways that exceeded our expectations. There was also a witness in our hearts that we have completed what the Lord intended for us to do in though this trip. It was a hard goodbye as we came to the end of the seven days, but we know, if the Lord is willing, this trip to China would not be our last.

Tan Sue Yuan, CHI 03

The First Couriers 2015 Trip!

I give thanks to God for giving me the opportunity to go to China for a mission trip. This was my first mission trip to China as well as my first visit to the country of my forefathers. I was not only excited but was also filled with a sense of apprehension, not knowing what to expect. I was surprised that there were only the two of us going on this trip. However I was reminded that Jesus sent out His disciples two by two.

annie lee

I also thank God for giving me a wonderful mission partner, Mary. Although she is my junior, I find myself learning many things from her. She is an amazing organiser and a talented musician. We are united in spirit for the things of God and for the work of God in China. She had made my first mission trip a pleasant and enjoyable one.

I also feel that I was receiving more from the brethren in the church than I was there to bless them. I was blessed by the hospitality, generosity, friendliness, kindness and simplicity of the believers there. I was astonished that the two female local pastors were interested in the sharing of my recent trip and conference in Israel. I was touched that they were motivated to stand and pray for Israel and the salvation of the Jewish people just by my simple sharing.

I was glad to be able to contribute to the education of the children at their preschool. I conducted an English phonic lesson and told a story in which the children enjoyed.

annie lee1

I also shared some teaching tips to the two pre-school teachers. I provided some English phonics teaching materials for the English teacher and showered my love on the little ones there. I feel and believe God is going to fill this preschool with His glory and the children will be part of His end time army in the last days. Those children are going to do great exploits for Jesus in their simple, childlike ways.

I am impressed by the faith of a 6-year-old boy, who moves in the prophetic. I can see in his eyes that he loves Jesus very much and has a heart for the lost. This child is the highlight of my trip. I am convinced that God is going to use the little children to bring the lost to His kingdom.

annie lee2

I am encouraged by the ministry of the children’s cell on Friday. I hope to see such children’s cell in Singapore where the children in the community can be touched for Jesus.

annie lee3

Another highlight I could never forget was that I was able to be a friend to a 6-year-old girl who came to church for the first time. She could not walk and needed to be carried by her mum. I had the chance to tell her about Jesus and how He loves her. With her simple faith, she said she wanted Jesus, believed and accepted Him. After spending a few hours with her during Sunday School, I believed I had encouraged her to be strong in her physical condition. We gathered the children to lay their hands to pray for her. After prayer, I guided her to take a few steps. Best of all, she learnt to call the name of Jesus as she took every step.

annie lee4

I will now pray for the Chinese in China, besides praying for the salvation of the others I’ve been praying for.

Written by Annie Lee, CHI 01

China Missions

This is my first mission trip to China and it is amazing how the Lord connected my heart with the Chinese church even though I do not speak Chinese fluently. Prior to the mission trip, there was much preparation that we had to do as we were conducting a 2 day children’s camp at Guangxi. During the time of preparation, it is amazing how God started to work in our midst. Even though our team consisted of people from different cells, professions and backgrounds, God knitted our hearts as one even as we used our different strengths and complemented one other.


I remember the times that we gathered together as a team to pray, God started to share with us his heart for the children in China that we were going to minister to. We felt that God was going to raise up an end time army and there was such a destiny that the children have in God.

The theme of the camp was “Dreaming with God” and our hearts cry for the children was that they will be apprehended by the call of God even at a young age. In total, there were 34 Sunday school children who attended the camp and this included those who came from “House of Love” home where their parents are working in the city and they are left in the care of the home.

2 3

During the first day of the camp, the children were taught that they are special and unique individuals with different strengths and giftings from God. We shared the story, “You are special” by Max Lucado with the children and played a game to help illustrate the story.

4 5

After which, the children did a questionnaire survey to identify their interests and strengths. This helped them to find out the kind of jobs they are more inclined to. As the students were doing the survey, I felt so amazed at how God has created each and every one of us so differently and we should not compare ourselves with others.



What really impacted me on the first day was that there was such a hunger for God as the children lifted up their voices and sang with all their might during worship. I remember there was a 5 year old boy who moves in the prophetic even at such a young age and when he prayed, I am just amazed at the revelations that he has at such a young age. Even as Cornerstone is called to be a prophetic church, the DNA of Cornerstone can be seen even in the nations that are under our covering. It is amazing to see the children moving in the giftings of God even at a young age.

8 9

The children were also taught the importance to listen and recognize God’s voice through the sharing of the “Father’s Love Letter” which consisted of bible verses that reveals about God’s heart for His children. The children were encouraged to meditate upon these verses and listen to what God was speaking to them. Even as the children shared their revelations, I was just so amazed at how God was revealing to them how much He loves and cares for them.

10 11 12

During the second day, the children learnt about making the right choices and the 9 fruits of the spirit. They also wrote a “Thank you card” to their parents to appreciate them. The children also had fun acting out the story of Joseph where they learnt about the dreams that God placed in Joseph’s heart and how God fulfilled those dreams in His time.

The finale of the camp was a time of prayer where we prayed for the children to be sent out and also a time of worship art where the children drew what the Lord spoke to them. There was such a move of the spirit even as we went around to pray for the students. Even as I placed my hand and prayed for the children, I could feel God’s love for every child. During the camp, I got frustrated with some of the children as they will fight and cannot sit still, but when I prayed for the children, I saw them differently as God revealed to me how He sees them and the gifts that He has placed in their life. These children had so much potential in God and I just wept as the love for the children filled me. The verse from Jeremiah 29:11 became so real even as I prayed for the children. Indeed, the Lord desires to give them a future and a hope.

After the time of prayer, the children took sometime for worship art. I stand in awe at the revelations that the Lord gave the children even as they shared their drawings. This 14 year old girl drew a picture of the Lord holding her hand and has brought her out from darkness into His kingdom of light. Seeing the drawing, I just sensed that just as the Lord has brought this girl into His light, He also desires to do the same for many children in China.

13 14

Another girl drew a 4-storey “House of Love” home with a fountain in front of the home and the pastors were thrilled when they saw the picture. The church is in the midst of finding for another building as the church is enlarging and what the girl drew was similar to the building the church was looking at. In addition, the pastor’s heart for “House of Love” is to be a home for the young and the elderly where they will take care of the needs of the people from cradle to grave. The child was not aware what was upon the pastors’ heart and it is so amazing how God is able to use a child’s drawing to encourage the pastors. There is such a prophetic flow among the children. It is also amazing to hear stories of how God revealed to the children about the plans that He has for them when they grow up. At a young age, these children are apprehended by the call of God upon their lives.


Being a primary school teacher, my heart has always been for children and this trip has encouraged me to spend more time to pray for my students and to pray that God will open my eyes and help me to see the children as how He sees them. I have also come to realize that the gospel is the only way that is able to transform lives and there is a renewed desire in me to preach the gospel through drawing. Many times, we desire to go for mission trips to bless the people in the nations but we come back being more blessed. This trip to Guangxi has blessed me richly and I would definitely want to go back to China for another mission trip. 🙂


Written by Sabrina Ong, CHI 07

Couriers 2014: China Children’s Camp



This courier’s mission trip to China, was a very special and significant one for me as this was my first mission trip. The burden for China was birthed in me when I was seeking the Lord for my calling 8 years ago. God literally gave me a dream one night. In that dream, I was sharing the love of Jesus to a group of Chinese people. I woke up knowing that God has placed the burden of the nation and people of China in my heart. I finally stepped foot on Chinese soil this year with much joy and anticipation.

Our team of 12 people arrived in China end September. The main focus of this mission trip is to organize the annual autumn children and youth camp, and visit the homes of the families. The youth camp consisted of 85 children and youths. The large proportions of children and youths that went to the camp were affected by the massive earthquakes that struck them twice in the last decade, which left many people homeless and some lost their loved ones.

This was our 5th year of partnership with the local church to organise the camp. The preaching and speaking about Jesus was prohibited during last year’s camp. This trip however, we could speak freely about Jesus and share the gospel. Praise God! We witnessed a continuation and building of the great work God started in 2010.

On the 2nd day of our trip, we met the local church members for a time of prayer and preparation. The synergy between both teams was of one accord and one mind. We planned and worked together as one unit. Though there was a slight language barrier between myself and the local team, they were all very assuring and encouraging. This motivated me greatly.

The children arrived at the campsite on the next day. We welcomed and greeted them with warm smiles. A banner displayed our camp theme ‘“大手小手 同心同行” – ”Big hands holding small hands, Walking together with one heart”. During registration, the children were required to have their handprints imprinted on a mini canvas frame, which would be given back to them at camp closure. This reminded them that their handprints are unique because each of us is wonderfully and fearfully created in the image of God.

The official camp lasted for 3 days. During these 3 days, we shared about God and the relationships He has and gives to us through teachings, craft, games and worship. We know that the children experienced God’s love and His love is deposited in their lives. Amen!

The night sessions were the most memorable to me as many children encountered the love of God. Both the Singapore and China teams prayed and laid hands on the children. Many of them were seen weeping and tearing, though they could not explain why they wept. I believe God’s love touched their hearts and He has shown Himself as a loving Father to them.

Prior to the trip, I told my team leader, Ivan, that I sensed my role to be an older brother and father to the fatherless. This camp has given me so many opportunities to imitate Christ as a loving Father. As I began to interact with the children, my heart also began to transform to look beyond my own needs to relate heart-to-heart with the children.

As we concluded the camp, we shifted our focus to visiting the homes of the campers. I vividly remember a scene en-route to the homes where I marveled at God’s wonderful creation of nature as we drove up to the village on a mountain top.

There were 7 small teams in total visiting the campers from the respective small groups. My team visited a total of 11 homes, of which 8 family members of the children gave their lives to Christ after the gospel was preached to them. Most of the families that we visited have not heard the name of Jesus before we visited them. When they heard that there is a God who loves and cares for them, they were very touched and readily accepted Christ.

We visited the families obeying the great commission. Paul said in 1 Cor 3:6 “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God gave the increase”. There was no striving or trying so hard to prove a point when we ministered to the families in the villages. We obeyed God to preach the good news and He gave the increase. From this experience, I’ve learnt a very important lesson – “to let go and let God”.

All in all, this trip has been very fruitful. The trip has taught me to love beyond myself, to give beyond what I have and to love Jesus passionately without looking back at the world. I promised the little children that I will return next year, and I am expecting God to do a greater work in the lives of the families and children in China. Glory to God!

Written by Marc Tan

China Youth Camp

Our team recently returned from doing a youth camp in one of the cities in China. Below is a reflection by Sng Peh Han, the speaker for the camp. It will inspire a deeper hunger for God as you read about these youths!


This is a very significant trip for me personally. I have never been to China for Missions before and have never previously felt a burden for China. Sometimes we can get used to trips and feel that we’re just going there to do a task and then when we are done; we come back. However during the China Alive Ministry (CAM) prayer meeting before the trip, I felt God give me a burden for China. I began to have a revelation of the Father’s heart for the nation, and I began to feel an excitement for what God wanted to do in China.

We arrived at the campsite really late and we were all tired. However the moment the camp started, I was energized. Right from the start of the worship, there was a wonderful sense of God’s presence and a sense that He wanted to reveal His love for the young people.

The simplicity and hunger of the people impacted me deeply. In every single session the people were hungry, passionate and totally open to what God wants to do. I feel there is great potential among the young people. Seeing their passion and hunger made me think that the future of the Chinese Church is secure. They may lack in certain areas but they more than make up for the lack with their heart. I was impressed with how well the camp was organized, and the level of excellence displayed by the camp committee was highly admirable.

I felt such a desire to have their hunger and the anointing that is upon them. God is doing a wonderful work among them and I want to receive from them, especially the two awesome women of God leading the church. I felt God open my eyes to what He is doing in China during this trip. As much as I have given, I have received personally from the church in B City. Praise the Lord for what He has done and what He is going to do!

Sng Peh Han