MYN 02: Yangon

MYN 02: Yangon

Before the trip, we asked the Lord what He wanted us to do inn this trip. We received words from God and planned around them. This mission trip offered a variety of different places and ministries. We had the opportunity to join the Pastors’ Fellowship to hear their testimonies and of what God is doing in each of their churches. We visited churches, children’s homes, the HIV centre and slums. We also visited the cells, joined the SOM students in street evangelism, attended the SOM Presbytery service and graduation ceremony. Our team also prayed and ministered at the Sunday services.


Overall, despite the diversity of gifts in our team, we were united in one heart. I was deeply impacted by the passionate worship and intercession of the Burmese Christians. One can sense the move and presence of God in their gatherings. In the middle of our trip, there was an earthquake in central Myanmar; we thank God for the minimal casualties. Prophetically speaking, we felt that the Lord is doing renewal of the Holy Spirit in Myanmar. I have learnt to hear God and to be led by Him as to what He wants us to do before & during the trip.


What I liked best about the trip was the worship of our Burmese sisters and brothers. I appreciated the opportunity to perform a team flag dance and I really enjoyed the messages shared by Ps San Min and Ps Tim Chong. This trip also provided me with my first visit to the slums and I was able to lead an Indian lady to Christ. During the trip, we also witnessed the move of the Holy Spirit and the Father’s love touching our brothers and sisters when praying and ministering to them.


Before the trip, we had asked for donations of clothes, bags, stationaries and toys from our cell groups and friends. Though our luggage was overweight, we were not charged for the extra 9 kg; praise the Lord! God also granted us a favourable rates when we exchanged money at the money changer in the Myanmar airport.


I had requested for 3 of my cell members to cover me and the team in intercession while we were on this trip. They were faithful in interceding; many words and visions were shared, enabling us to be more effective in our work in Myanmar.


I am humbled by the fact that though imperfect and inadequate, God chose to use our team. All glory to God – He showed up! I summed up this trip with these words from Ps Tim’s message “No reserves, no retreats and no regrets”!


Written by

Lee Lin, Myanmar






INDO 02: Jogjakarta

INDO 02: Jogjakarta

Day 1

Matthew 19:14

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”


We visited the orphanage managed by Pastor S and his family. We are proud of Cornerstone Barn for collecting around 7kg worth of clothes for the team to donate to the orphanage! 20+ kids welcomed us by happily holding our hands and hugging us. Then, half the team taught the children Fruits of the Spirit with placards while the remainder baked brownie cups. The kids enjoyed the games and sang praise and worship in English. Afterwards, the staff and all were treated to a delicious meal of fish three ways, coconut juice and rice.


John 14:160
And I will pray to the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;


We proceeded to do home visits at church members’ houses. We prayed for a family whose head of the house suffered a stroke believing in the healing power of Jehovah Rapha! The sweet presence of Jesus was so strong in that home as we lifted our worship. Before leaving the home, we made a small donation to that family for everyday necessities and gave toward the daughter’s last year of university fees. We also visited a roadside vendor and her brother, who at first had asked for healing and later accepted Christ; Jesus saves! At the third and final home visit, a woman shared her problems that she had towards her neighbors and we prayed for her and her family.


Day 2


We took a jeep down the winding trails of Mount Merapi. The Thursday youth service was charged with energy and our team were touched by the youth’s passion for God! The worship band played the drums, guitar and keyboards, leading the congregation in singing Bahasa and modern Hillsong songs. A member of our team shared the story of Joseph- how God changes our failures into successes and how by giving our lives to God, we receive redeeming grace.


Day 3

Ephesians 1-17-18 (NIV)

I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people,


The host’s daughter brought us to a breath taking pine tree plantation where we had a lovely organic meal. During a testimony sharing on Friday’s night church service and Aunty E shared the gospel message. There was an altar call where we prayed for a rededication of lives to the Son of the living God and there were 4 salvations! All glory to God! Jesus moves beyond cultures! We believe that men from every nation, from all tribes and people and languages, can come to the throne of grace confidently.


Day 4


2 Corinthians 5:17 (KJV)

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.


We visited the baptism of 6 people who had received salvation. It was a joyous occasion as the church sang, “I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back!” Before the night ended, we conducted the children’s service. They enjoyed playing musical chairs and making Polaroid photo frames for arts and crafts. We shared the story of how God, Creator of the universe, loves us as his children and gave each of us talents to glorify Him.


A miracle happened when a member of our team decided to hold a birthday celebration in that theme but it turned out to be Pastor S’s 55th birthday on Saturday! God works in miraculous ways! We are sure God has big plans for Rumah Buah Hati Orphanage and were very thankful to participate and have been very blessed by their events.


Day 5 


James 1: 12
Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him


We visited the Sunday service which had the highest attendance of all other services. People looked upbeat and it was a happy end to the week. Aunty M shared on how God uses our circumstances for training and testing. Afterwards, we had an alter call, praying for unsaved family members, unity and speedy recovery. Before we departed, we had a sumptuous meal of Ikan (fish), cooked Manado style, with Pastor S and family. God has been faithful throughout our trip and these were the memories from it!


Taking the children and pastors to lunch.

Taking the children and pastors to lunch.


Home visiting

Home visiting


Livingstone Church in Jogjakarta

Livingstone Church in Jogjakarta

Our Missions to Yogyakarta!

Reflections of Couriers Trip to Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 3-7 Dec 2015

If God’s love is for anybody anywhere, it’s for everybody everywhere.” – Edward Lawlor

IND 06 Missions Team

IND 06 Missions Team

Complete with gorgeous street art and lush beauty, Yogyakarta is the heart of Java’s finest arts. Despite the modern outlook of the city, it is highly rich in culture and tradition. It attracts many aspiring students all over Indonesia who would flock here for their higher education. For that, Yogyakarta is known to be an intellectual and cultural hub of the Javanese.

As a team of twelve, we are sent to Yogyakarta for a five-day trip. There are three main objectives: ministering to the young leaders, establishing support to the churches in the region, and helping CSCC Yogyakarta to reach out to the lost in their Christmas service. Arriving on Thursday, 3rd December, we were briskly introduced to Ps Sarlin and Ps Yan of CSCC Yogyakarta, and had a hearty lunch with them along with the key youth leaders.

Fellowshipping with Ps Sarlin and Ps Yan – with great Indonesian food!

Fellowshipping with Ps Sarlin and Ps Yan – with great Indonesian food!

It was indeed a blessing of the Lord to be able to serve in the mission field, as God began to show us a glimpse of what He was doing in the nations. For an instance, it was evident that God had released a sweet anointing of praise and worship in this nation. Here, people highly valued their praise and worship to God. It is not uncommon to break into songs throughout the service and the tangible presence of God was perpetually felt in each worship segment. Due to such a powerful anointing, it was effortless for us to flow in the Holy Spirit to worship God in unison, despite the language barrier. We held an expectant heart, waiting for God to move in this nation.

On the first night, we went to a new believer’s house, and Regena shared on the ‘Glory of God’ to the leaders of the church. With an emphasis on forgiveness, it was truly a ‘Rhema’ word, as many seeds were sown on that night. It was later discovered that one of the members had serious difficulties with forgiving his family members, and the message that was shared had allowed him to find peace to move on.

On the second day, we went early to Mt Kaliurang to minister to a Bible college, followed by a campus meeting in that evening. During the campus meeting, Shu Shan delivered a powerful message on the ‘Presence of God’, and the Holy Spirit broke out mightily in the room. Students responded to the message and desired to be ministered by the presence of God. Many began to weep uncontrollably, with some even breaking into tongues. This was an unprecedented event, as most of the students are orthodox Christians, who had never experienced a manifestation of the Holy Spirit before. The God of the Bible ceased to simply exist as merely ‘head knowledge’ that night. It was through their brokenness, they each received a personal touch from God.

“The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart, and saves such as have a contrite spirit.” – Psalms 34:18 (NKJV)

We started the third day, splitting into three teams to minister to some believers in their household. It was an impactful session, as there are several testimonies that were shared to us. There were three exceptional highlights:

Chikoon, Yinghan & Zhengyu ministering to believers in their homes

Chikoon, Yinghan & Zhengyu ministering to believers in their homes

A new believer shared how she was domestically abused by her husband before having a relationship with God. Upon becoming a Christian, God changed the couple’s hearts. Even though he is still a Muslim and has yet to accept Christ, he is slowly being influenced and has regularly been attending church. The change in the husband has been so noticeable and he has become a better husband to her: even to the extent of addressing her as ‘honey’ often!

A believer was unable to control his digestive tract and to worsen matters; the doctors could not detect any physical anomalies in him. Believing that he was stricken with black magic, we prayed for him and he immediately felt relief in his body. In addition, we prayed for his wife, who had a hearing problem in her left ear. Instantly, heat was felt on that very ear, and she could also hear a constant blowing of wind. Truly, our Lord is indeed Jehovah Rapha, a Lord who heals.

Lastly, there was a church leader who had lost her husband 8 years ago, and was stricken with financial difficulties. She had to take care of her brother, who was suffering from a stroke. Despite the problems, she inspired us with her positive and steadfast attitude to the Lord. Even though her brother was not healed as we prayed for him, he started tearing. We believe in faith that hearts were softened and God is going to do something miraculous in their lives.

During the fourth day, we spent the afternoon preparing for the Christmas service that night. During the Christmas service, we sought to expound the goodness of God over mankind by sharing a testimony and sermon. Despite the language barrier, God moved mightily and seven people responded for the salvation call that night. It was an amazing night where friendships were forged and seeds were sown on that night.

Candle Lighting Ceremony – One of the highlights of the Christmas Service

Candle Lighting Ceremony – One of the highlights of the Christmas Service

As we departed for Singapore, we could not help but stand in amazement at the goodness of God in this nation. As we blessed, we were blessed in return as well. Indeed, our hearts were changed and impacted by God, and we continue to believe that CSCC Yogyakarta would grow to be a powerful voice to the nation.

Praise God for such a fruitful trip!


Written by Gary Low

SRI 04 to Nuwara Eliya Home

Trip to Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya 4-11 Dec 2015

Before The Trip

This year was my second mission trip via Cornerstone Couriers. I would like to thank Cornerstone for providing the platform for me to have the opportunity to involve in short term mission trip. Sri Lanka was our third choice when the team signed up for mission, we didn’t expect we will be selected to go there. We were excited about it even before the trip. We sensed that God has something prepared for us in Sri Lanka. It must be His divine arrangement!


The Lord impressed in our hearts His love as a Father when we prayed and seek Him after we knew that we will be going to a Boys Home to minister to the children. Just as He wants us to know that each of us is wonderfully created by Him and He has a plan and destiny for each of us, He wants us to bring the same message to the children.

During the trip

During the trip, we also received words and visions from some cell members who were praying for us. It was amazing! God revealed to them what He was going to do with the children. One of the visions was our Lord Jesus giving seashell to each child; each of them is unique just like the seashells, every seashell is different in its shapes, forms, colours and pattern. I have thousands of seashells at my house, of different family and species, every time my husband showed me a specific seashell; it is always in unique pattern and colour. Admiring them will lead me in awe of God’s creativity.

During one of the team devotion in the morning, I saw a vision of a wooden fence with sheep. The Lord touched me, my heart was tendered by Him, He reminded us to feed His sheep, and this is the most practical way to show our love to Him.

During a briefing session by Sister Theresa from Kidznet, she prayed for the team and the word “forgotten” touched my heart so intensively. The Lord remembers those who may have been forgotten by the society. The Lord impressed in me His tender heart towards the children. He also downloaded His tender heart into me.


The dynamic of the team was good as we are from the same cell group and we already know each other rather well. Even though there were disagreements sometimes but we worked together with same mind and same Spirit to fulfil the same goal and purpose. Philippians 2:1-8 described the attitude of the team throughout the whole trip. Praise God and glory to Him.


After the trip

I took about 1 week to recover from my motion sickness. But this was a very special trip for me as I could sense in my spirit that God is doing something in me. He affirmed me like a father and I wept like a child in His bosom. He is telling me that if I know that He loves me, there is nothing else to fear. He wants me to be rooted in Him!


Written by Diane Low, SRI 04

Couriers Trip to Dawei, Myanmar

Dawei, Myanmar mission trip reflections (1-8 Dec 2015)


On the 1st of December of 2015, a team of eight inter-generational Cornerstone members set out for the land of Dawei in Myanmar. Dawei is a small tropical town in the southern part of Myanmar, and lies home to an estimated population of 139, 000 people. Our ministry focus was to minister to Cornerstone Community Church (CSCC) in Dawei, and its affiliate, namely, CSCC Mae Chaung in the Mae Chaung village. CSCC Dawei, now in its tenth year, is a church plant out of CSCC Yangon, currently headed by Pastor Than Hlay.

Our trip to Dawei was not short of an eventful one. Upon our arrival at Yangon, we were greeted with a 14-hour bus ride up to Dawei through a midnight coach, and it certainly was one kind of an experience for many of us! When we arrived in Dawei, we wasted no time in packing the gift packs for the villagers in the Mae Chaung village and purchasing oil and shampoo which was too heavy to be brought from Singapore. After lunch, we started “ministry” by conducting a prayer walk around significant places of Dawei (physical gates into the city like the bus station and airport, and other gates such as education gate and family gate represented by the university and playground respectively as well as the church). We planted saga seeds as a prophetic act of applying the blood of Jesus around this city. Each night, we ministered at various home cells and one team member will share a testimony or short exhortation on the Word of God or the Father’s Love. Home cell is a daily activity practiced in CSCC Dawei and everyday, with the exception of Sundays, we visited different home cells. They were all eye-opening, and heart-warming moments where we witnessed the hunger and zeal of the Burmese people for the Love of God.


On the 2nd day in Dawei, the team headed for Mae Chaung village. With hearts stirred and spirits soaring, the team took a ride on a little lorry singing praises to the strums of the guitar till we arrived at the foot of the village. From this point, we tracked into the village that us on a 30-minute leisurely hike through a rubber forest and waded across several surprisingly clear and refreshing streams. Our time in the Mae Chaung village was spent performing an evangelistic Christmas skit, which saw the salvations of almost 20 villagers! We also gave out gift packs with some daily necessities and munchies to families and individuals. Later in the afternoon we did house to house visits, where we continued to bless the villagers with gift packs comprising of household necessities. More than just bringing gifts, we also brought the love of Jesus to each household and witnessed another 20 salvations! A team even witnessed the deliverance of a villager!

The subsequent days were spent at youth fellowship meetings and church services in the church building. Different team members took turns to bring the Word, and it was an impactful time as we saw the encounters the people had with God. We also had a considerable amount of time to fellowship with the passionate and on-fire youths of Dawei. We visited a scenic and serene beach called Maung Magan beach and even went for a hot spring together with the youths in the church. It was a wonderful platform where kindred spirits of the Singaporeans and Burmese knitted.

On the second last day of our time in Myanmar, we flew back to Yangon for another youth meeting, where we again shared on Cornerstone’s vision for revival, and rallied for the arising of the next generation. We concluded the trip with the celebration of one of our team member’s birthday, and our host – Pastor San Min and Pastor Tabitha – baked a wonderful cake for her. It was also at this point that the Yangon team from Singapore reunited with our team from Dawei, and we inspired each other with the different stories of our experiences.


We ended our trip with grateful hearts and sentimental feelings of the trip coming to a landing. Exchanging goodbyes and snapping as many pictures as we could, we thanked our prime host, Pastor Joseph, who was an excellent pillar of support, and also served as our translator for most parts of the sharing and conversations. It certainly was a mission experience that would serve as a milestone for many of our lives!

Written by Chermaine Lek, MYN 04

Beautiful Feet

Here is a message from our missions pastor as we step into the new year; to remind ourselves of the privilege of what it means to partner with God for His glory in the nations. If you would like to know more about what God has done through Cornerstone in the past years, you can view the missions report.

When I was growing up, I always wanted to be in ministry. For as long as I can remember, my dream was to be a pastor. I grew up with a godly family in a good church and I always envisioned myself serving the Lord. However, one thing I did not want to be “when I grew up” was a missionary!

I imagined missions to be a life of terrible drudgery, away from the familiarity and comforts of home. I thought of missionaries as being people of great, solemn sacrifice, who surrendered all their joy and happiness in order to reach the fields. I admired their sacrifice but never wanted to be the one who had to follow in their paths! For me, I thought I would be quite happy to pastor a church in my hometown.

Imagine my surprise then, when at the age of 20 and while attending Bible school, I realized God was calling me to be a missionary. After several months of struggle, I submitted to God’s calling and told Him that I would go as a missionary, thinking that I was signing up in obedience for a “death sentence” of pain and separation. I have since spent most of the last 17 years in Asia, living in India, the Philippines, and Singapore, and ministering in countries around the world.

The great discovery I have made in these travels is this – the life of a missionary is not primarily one of sorrow, but one of delight! I have had a tremendous time on the mission field and don’t for one second regret the choice to obey the Lord. Yes, there are great challenges to face in missions (and many missionaries face far, far greater challenges than I have), but the joy of the Lord is our strength, and He gives extra grace and takes special delight in those who leave their homes for the sake of the Gospel. It is not primarily a burden to be involved in missions, but it is a privilege. God chooses and enables us to be part of His great harvesting force!

Isaiah 52:7 is an amazing Scripture: “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, ‘Your God reigns.’” The thought behind this Scripture is of someone who is going with a message, who is carrying good news from one location to another. God declares that those who go with the message of the Gospel have “beautiful feet.” The Gospel makes your feet far more beautiful than any pedicure ever could! Declaring God’s salvation in the nations is a privilege that He has given to us, and we should always rejoice in our opportunity do so.

There are people around the world who need the message that we have. God is waiting for us to reach these people, for us to make our feet beautiful through our acts of love, words of truth, giving and prayers. What an amazing opportunity God has given us to be His hands and feet – He didn’t choose angels to preach the Gospel but gave that privilege to us!

Not everyone reading this is called to full-time missions, but all of us are called to be involved in missions – building the Kingdom of God in the nations of the earth and reaching the unreached with the truth. Never let involvement in missions be something you do out of a sense of guilt or obligation, but let your missions participation be something you look forward to with joy and gusto. I am so thankful in my own life that God opened my eyes to the truth of missions, and has given me a part to play in all that He is doing through Cornerstone in the nations. My prayer is that each of you will also make this tremendous discovery – God wants you to have beautiful feet, and you are given the opportunity to serve Him in the nations! Take the opportunity and run with it, with thanksgiving in your heart!

Pastor Cameron Walcott
Missions Pastor
Cornerstone Community Church