MSIA 01: Miri, Malaysia

28 Nov – 05 Dec 2016

Before the trip, I questioned why I was signing up for mission trip. I felt in my heart that was time for me to go for missions. Miri was not my first choice, however, as I was praying, God brought that to mind. He reminded me that if I do not go then who will; for the harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few. I am really glad that I obeyed God and I have no regrets going. It changed my perception and I learned how to see from the heart of the Father and learning to see from His perspective.

The trip was held at a village called Rumah Ampik where helpers come from Cornerstone Singapore, Cornerstone Miri and BEM Cornerstone (Borneo Evangelical Missions). Most of us from Singapore did not know Bahasa Melayu so the other two churches helped as translators for us, and the youth camp coordination. I felt the Lord telling me that He loves this place and He wants pour His Love on this people here in the village during one of our trips to visit the campsite before the youth camp began.



Throughout the camp, when Pastor Sabrina preached about vision and action, I was so happy that almost all of the children have dreams of what they want to be in the future. Pastor Sabrina asked them to write down their vision and action plan in the paper to remember what they dreamed to do. Truthfully speaking, I was really blessed to be part of this mission trip because not only did we give, but we also received much from the trip itself. During the last night of the camp, kids were testifying of their dreams. One of the children name “Jane” wanted to become an evangelist when she grows up and another wanted to become a worship leader. There were many more testimonies of the dreams of children wanting to go into ministry!



As I looked back, I believe God has a lot more in store for us and He wants to see us walking in deeper intimacy with Him, stretching our faith. He wants to do a work of acceleration in our lives and bring us to a place where we desire to come to a place of full maturity in Him!



Written by,

Philbert Tan, Miri, Malaysia

Ready to obey, and be launched!

The Cornerstone Overseas Volunteer Program (COVP) has two candidates that will be going out to the fields in the first half of 2016.  Timothy Weerakesera will be heading to Uganda for 10 months, while Serene Tan will be spending almost 3 months in Miri, Malaysia.  Tim left for the mission field earlier this week, while Serene will be going out in the month of April.  Look out for more updates on their experiences right here on the Missions Blog.

Timothy & Serene

Timothy & Serene

We recently conducted a two-week training course to prepare Tim and Serene for their time on the field.  They received training in many subjects, including missions strategy, cultural sensitivity, and acclimation to life as a missionary.  The training included live teaching, reading, and also videos, with interactive sessions with experienced missionaries.  Tim and Serene also completed studies of great missionaries from the past, as well as a nation study of the country they are going to, and gave presentations on these topics.  Moreover, they met with different departments in Cornerstone to learn how they can more effectively serve the local church in specialized areas in their country of attachment.

The entire time of training was capped off with a time of Holy Spirit empowerment, where our CSCC pastors laid hands, prophesied, and prayed over Tim and Serene.

Prayer of Empowerment

Prayers of Empowerment  for Tim & Serene

tim prayer

serene prayer

We thank God for the commitment and willingness that Tim and Serene have to serve, and look forward to the great stories we are going to hear of their time on the field!  If you are interested in joining the COVP and going on the mission field for a period of three months to one year from July 2016 and beyond, contact us at today!

Missions Department with Tim & Serene

Missions Department with Tim & Serene

Our Trip to Miri

Our Trip to Miri

Caleb and Evan Walcott (8 and 6 years old, respectively) just returned from a mission trip to Miri, Malaysia. They were accompanied by their parents, their little sister, and one of their favorite “jie jies,” Sarita. They visited CSCC Miri, led by Pastor Sabrina Low. If you enjoy this article, you can also read Caleb’s blog post from last year, when he visited Surabaya, Indonesia.

I had a great trip to Miri, Malaysia last week. My family and I went to the church, Cornerstone Miri, and to a village called Rumah Ampik.

I felt happy on this trip for many reasons, such as getting to see the church there. When we went to Rumah Ampik, we gave sweets to the children at the Longhouse. They were so happy to receive the treats. We also had a great time fishing. I caught a catfish and a tilapia! I will never forget going to Rumah Ampik.

Giving out treats at Rumah Ampik

With our big fish
Another thing I will always remember is seeing my Ye
e Yee (Aunt) Sabrina (who is the pastor of CSCC Miri). We went to two services, Saturday evening and Sunday morning. In the services, I played the guitar and sang “O Happy Day”.  When I was singing, God strengthened me a lot by helping me not be nervous and helping me to overcome fear. It felt great.Singing in service
Daddy preached about rising again when you fall down. The next day, he spoke about the blessings of obedience. People got prayed for after the messages. I think they were all blessed.

Daddy preaching
My brother Evan was also on the trip, this is what he experienced:
Evan: “I went swimming in Miri and to Rumah Ampik. The hotel was very nice and I got to see my favourite Yee Yee (Aunt), Sabrina. Daddy preached about obedience.

Mommy, Anna, and Yee Yee Sabrina
I saw a lot of poor people in the village. I wanted to be kind to them so we bought some snacks and sweets and gave them out to the children in the village. It was very fun there and the church was awesome! I also went fishing and caught a super giant catfish. It was a great experience! I hope to go to Miri again!”

I would highly encourage everyone to go there, because it was a wonderful place and it is great to see God working in other countries. You will learn lots of values if you go to Miri. I had an awesome trip! I feel like God is changing Miri by touching the people there.

By Caleb Walcott

Touching Heavens, Changing Earth

Touching Heavens, Changing Earth

Latest Updates (Mar 2013) from COVP Sabrina Low in Miri, Sarawak.


Someone once said, “You haven’t really started living until you step out of the boat and walk on water“.


“Step out of the boat” we did when we launched a youth service in Miri in Aug 2012 by faith (because the last recorded attendance in the youth camp I spoke in Dec 2011 was just 18 people.) But when we are obedient to the Word of God and we do our part by stepping out of the boat, God will cause a supernatural miracle to happen that will lead us to walk on water.

We had our first youth service of 2013 on the last Saturday of January and God blew our minds when 95 people showed up in attendance and 17 youths gave their lives to Jesus Christ! This has to be God! The youth ministry is really picking up momentum. We’re starting to put in the framework and structure into the ministry and positioning ourselves for greater growth. Preach the kingdom, build the church!

Cell group meetings started in February and we have seen follow-ups and young people who have never been integrated well into the church attend the cell meetings and are getting themselves very involved with the church activities. One of the cell group has grown from 8 to 17 in their last cell group meeting in a matter of one month! The growth has been steady and consistent and we’re tightening the assimilation process in keeping the souls.


We did a themed Youth Service in our February gathering, ‘School Rocks!’, and got everyone to come in their school uniforms. There was excitement in the air as students went around mingling with young people from other schools.  This is something new for them and so, there was a fantastic sense of anticipation in the hearts of the people.

I spoke on invading the schools in Miri with the Presence and Power of Christ and on how every school uniform didn’t just represent a school that they come from but an inheritance that God has given us. We saw 12 salvation and rededication responses in that service! Young people responded to the altar call to take ownership of their schools and to be the catalyst of difference, carrying the Presence of God.

God has granted me favour here as well. A key individual attended the Youth Service in February, and she was so blessed and impacted by it that she approached me after the service and said that they should not limit or contain me just to the local church I am seconded to. She made arrangements with the Chairman of Scripture Union and the Chairman of the Christian School Council and spoke very highly of me. I will be meeting these Chairmen soon and this is very key in penetrating and invading the schools in Miri. I will be given access to preach in schools and to do a work among the students.


We are looking forward to a fulfilling and packed out March! We have a parents session on the 8th of March, an evangelistic event with Pastor Christopher Long on the 23rd March and our monthly Youth Service on the 30th March.


We covet your prayers as we seek to raise up the next breed of young revivalists here in Miri, Sarawak.