MYN03 Mission trip to Myanmar.

Cornerstone Yangon headed by Pastor Sanmin arranged a divinely appointed itinerary that included visits to two orphanages, a daughter church at Nga Su Taung village and another visit to a remote village called Let Pan Gone among other activities. Everyone of them was Holy Spirit led and eventful. The team was very encouraged by the intense level of faith of the pastors and leaders in the midst of lack and poverty and their impassioned cry for increase and revival. Pastor Tabitha and Pastor Marie testified of their earnest fasting during which they saw the awesome and miraculous provision of God, angelic visitation and visions of heaven!  We were so humbled by their level of faith!  There are ten daughter churches affiliated to Pastor Sanmin who is doing great work for God’s Kingdom.

There are eight of us in the team.  Six of us are from the Breakthrough cell group (Aunty Ruby, Edgar and Poh Chun, Lisa and Sophie and Alvin, the leader) and two others (Charlotte and Hiom) joined us. We prepared hard with a total of eight meetings from Jul to Nov. Besides preparing for the messages, games and skit for the orphanages, we prepared a comprehensive list of prayer pointers that included praying for team unity and for the country of Myanmar.  We also fasted. We also had a pastor to pray for the team and her prophetic words for the team members encouraged us that the Lord will use us for His work in Myanmar.  Our preparation paid off as the trip was blessed with perfect weather, was accident free and above all, encouraged us with the fervent faith and love of our host and the Myanmar people.

The trip commenced with Pastor Sanmin’s weekly meeting with the pastors and lay leaders of his daughter churches.  Alvin encouraged them with a prophetic word from Psalms 85:12 that the Lord will give Myanmar what is good and that the land will yield its increase. The pastors responded in faith as we cried out together to God for a mighty move of the Holy Spirit in Myanmar.

Lisa and Sophie, a mother and daughter team prepared the skit and mime which greatly entertained the children at the orphanages and a daughter church we visited.  Uncle Edgar and Aunty Ruby, our cell leader were the engaging narrators. The young orphans (3 -17 years) at Pastor Nanda’s place brought us to tears as they wailed and pounded heaven for their needs, their country and even for us.  We were moved by Pastor Nanda’s love and courage to take in HIV infected children and the team prayed for them for a miraculous recovery.  At Pastor Marie’s church, the Holy Spirit moved as the team prayed for the sick and all were slain!  As we prayed for an 8-year old boy who suffered a twisted arm after a bout of high fever, the Lord gave us a word of knowledge and the mother revealed to us a protective charm which we promptly removed and burned!

At Let Pan Gone village, Pastor Sanmin felt led by the Holy Spirit to lead the entire family of our driver to pray to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They are nominal Baptists and God touched all seventeen members to respond and even to the salvation prayer! The 92 year old patriarch listened earnestly to Alvin’s delivery of the “Father’s love letter” and asked for copies of them so that he could in turn share that with the villagers.  The team bravely crossed a river on a precarious single pole bamboo bridge to pray for a 27 year old man who became paralysed after an accident.  In the process of the ministry, the team led him and his Buddhist family to pray the salvation prayer. Praise the Lord!   Pastor Sanmin was also excited as the senior deacon of the local Baptist church welcomed us to his house. This meant open doors to minister more freely in the village. We blessed and prayed for him.

Pastor Sanmin arranged a sightseeing day for us. But the Holy Spirit had other plans. Instead, we ended up seeing a rubbish mountain and witnessed the desperately poor scavenging for scraps to sell. It was heartbreaking to see.  We finally arrived at Tha Nge Chaung village and paid a surprise visit to another daughter church headed by pastor Napoleon church and prayed for the struggles he was facing.

Everyone on the team had a task on Sunday. We gave a Bible lesson to adults.  Our young team members, Sophie and Charlotte boldly took on the youth bible class while Lisa and Edgar helmed the children’s church.

We were so blessed by our hosts throughout the trip not only by Pastor Sanmin and the daughter churches but were also given a glimpse of the heartbeat of the church through lay leaders like Brother Saw when we went to his house for a cell group meeting.

The Lord worked mightily on our trip.  He gave us words in season to encourage a spiritually hungry and yet fearlessly faithful people. The Caleb prayer (from Faldy Brenin in Wales) which we prayed in all our meetings united the pastors and leaders to a common vision to cry out for revival in their nation:

O High King in Heaven, Have Mercy on Myanmar,

Revive your church, Send the Holy Spirit

For the sake of the children, May your kingdom come to the nation of Myanmar.

In Jesus Name.  Amen.

We highly recommend that all should go for a short term mission to understand the heartbeat of our Father God for the poor and helpless.  Indeed the fields are white for harvest.

God bless,

Alvin, Team MYN03

Go Team: Yangon, Myanmar!

Yangon, Myanmar

We embarked to Yangon, Myanmar with excitement and great expectation, especially as 3 out of the 4 members on the team were on their first Couriers trip!

There were 2 focuses on this trip:

1)    Myanmar’s School of Ministry Graduation Ceremony

2)    Visits to Ps Caleb’s and Ps Nandar’s orphanages


Myanmar’s School Of Ministry

Ps Cameron was on this trip with us as he was teaching in the School of Ministry to 17 students, which comprised of students from both Yangon and the Delta regions of Myanmar. As he delved into the books of Colossians and Philemon, the students gained great insights and a deeper understanding of the Word of God with the theme being “Christ above all.”


After the first day’s teaching, the team had the opportunity to follow the bible school students in giving out gospel tracks in a huge wet market. Navigating through the market, with raw meat sprawled out in the open and hordes of vegetables and fruits exuding mixtures of smell that were not pleasant on the nose, proved a difficult task. However, the fear and apprehension of giving out Gospel tracts to these stall holders paralysed us greater than the enveloping odour. Yet, with us trailing the passionate and fearless Bible students, our confidence boosted. Soon, almost every person – from young to old – had a tract in their hand.


On 30th August was the School of Ministry’s graduation ceremony. It was joyous occasion as this marked the end of 3 months in Bible school and, of course, the students being propelled to ministry! As Ps Cameron preached, he ended his message by giving a call for salvation and for people who needed healing. Soon, people were also coming up desiring the baptism of the Holy Spirit in their lives! It was such a glorious time where people received Jesus into their hearts, got healing and spoke in tongues for the first time.




The highlight of the trip was the visits to Ps Caleb’s and Ps Nandar’s orphanages. It was so heartwarming having the children excitedly welcoming us when we arrived. We started off by teaching them to sing “Christ in the Vessel,” accompanied by actions and a skit (involving some children!) of the story where Jesus was sleeping in the storm. We ended the activity with crafts of colouring a vessel and making a boat out of folded paper. A short exhortation was given by Ps Cameron about always having to trust in Jesus during times of hardship and difficulty and we ended off by praying and blessing the children. Afterward we got the opportunity to mingle more with the children by having dinner with them. The biggest take away from this experience was how blessed we were by the purity of worship and child-like faith the children possessed. It reminded us of what Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”




On Sunday, Jeremiah, our team leader ministered in Ps Nandar’s church. He shared on how the prophetic word of God to Gideon. The highlight of this meeting was ministering to the HIV- positive women as he encouraged them that there are people in Cornerstone Singapore contending for their breakthrough and reminded them to meditate on God’s Word.

We also had the opportunity to minister in the youth service later that day with Colin giving his testimony and Zoe preaching about identity and the Father’s love. A call was made for people who needed to have a fresh revelation about the Father’s love again and it was a powerful time praying with the youths, many of them not having their fathers in their lives.

It was a truly life changing experience for all of us and we are greatly privileged to have the opportunity to be part of the lives of the people in Myanmar and many of the team members are already deciding to head to Myanmar again for their next Couriers trip!



Written by Zoe Chow, Couriers Team MYN02

The Delta Regions of Myanmar

Praise God for a fruitful trip, in which our team to the Delta regions of Myanmar saw supernatural openness to the gospel even on a boat ride, and witnessed a total of 8 Salvations! You will be encouraged by the entry below written by Zheng Feng, one of the team members on this trip.


Day 1 – We reached CSCC Myanmar in the afternoon after our flight, and were ushered after some tea and light snacks to the lively Sunday school, where the kids put up a short performance for us. What a way to recharge ourselves after the flight! After lunch with the church staff, we made our way to the youth service. We shared testimonies of dreams restored; divine healing; and God’s faithfulness, while one of us preached on ‘God’s providence’ to the congregation. While we were wondering if the congregation understood our sharing which was passionately translated by pastor San Min, the youth pastor stood up to give an altar call. Virtually everyone in the congregation rushed forward, and requested that our team pray for them. After the altar call, pastor San Min prayed for the team to be sent out to the Delta region, and we had dinner fellowship.

Day 2 – The entire day was spent traveling, but praise God! The sisters in our team had the opportunity to successfully share the gospel to some mums on the passenger ferry with the assistance of our Burmese team members. It turned out that some of the locals were curious about the presence of foreigners on the ferry, and were already eager to listen to us. Later, we found out from our Burmese team members that they usually had limited success in sharing the gospel to fellow Burmese despite their common language. Our short and fruitful evangelism showcased the supremacy and wisdom of God in missions indeed. We reached the village at around midnight after some trekking through the mud, but we were all in expectant mood. We ended the night with a short introduction and praise session with the village pastors.

Day 3 – More traveling. We had “cell church meeting” at the assistant pastor’s house, where our Singapore team had another opportunity to share/preach. Everyone was treated to coconut drinks by the hospitable hosts. We then visited yet another home for another meeting before making our way back to the guest house.

Day 4 – We prayed for fair weather and traveling conditions amidst the monsoon season, which was answered by God at least a few times during this trip. However, the authorities were suspicious of our presence, and did not permit us to preach the gospel. We therefore visited a church member’s house, and departed for the next village. Along the way, we had the opportunity to drop by a medical clinic (by the river bank) which was jointly set up by a local pastor and our Burmese team leader. Unfortunately, this unique ministry had to be suspended when the doctors resigned. We prayed in faith for the vision to be revived and for laborers to be sent to the clinic. We stayed with another assistant pastor for the next 2 nights, with expansive paddy fields before our eyes. Our Singapore team spent some time encouraging the Burmese pastors during our night prayer sessions, as some of them were feeling discouraged by lack of crops harvest; pressures from the authorities / Buddhist majority villagers; and poor health of one of the family members. The pastors resolved to forge ahead in faith and trust God to act.

Day 5 –  We visited the Sunday school in the morning, and taught the kids how to sing “with Christ in the vessel”. Our Singapore team was not permitted by the authorities to visit other households in the vicinity. Therefore, we stayed back to pray for the Burmese team doing the visiting. In the evening, we dropped by a household who was the only Christian family in the Buddhist community. The pressure to compromise on their faith felt very real, and we encouraged them with our testimonies while one of us was led to share on ‘the freedom of walking in the truth’. We found out at night that the family member who was suffering from poor health has been discharged from the hospital. Thank God! We also encouraged one another to bathe using the water stored in the vats…

Day 6 – We returned to Yangon and had dinner with the church staff once more. Our trip was coming to an end.

Day 7 – We returned to Singapore safely. Praise God for protecting us throughout this trip; and for opening our team’s eyes to His glorious purpose for His people in Myanmar.



Missions in Myanmar

Missions in Myanmar

This article is written by Liew Mei Choo on her trip to Myanmar on 3-9 December 2013.

John 4: 35 “Lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!”

Indeed, the seven days that we spent in Yangon, Myanmar, have been a time of great blessing and provision from the Lord, both for the Burmese people that we ministered to and for our team. During the 7 days, we visited 3 orphanages and 2 outreach/ daughter churches, shared with the congregations at 4 different Sunday services around Yangon, participated in Christmas caroling at the Church members’ homes, bought and distributed groceries for 14 poor families, attended the church prayer meeting, youth cell group and youth bible study.

Outreach with Pastor Khin Win Kyi and Pastor Kathy
On the second day of our trip, we drove out to visit one of the cornerstone outreaches, headed by Pastor Khin Win Kyi and Pastor Kathy. We were overwhelmed by God’s presence and the pure and joyous worship during the outreach. About 6 – 8 non-believers attended the meeting.  At the end of the preaching of the Word, 6 people responded to the call for salvation and 7 people came up for prayer for healing. We could sense Pastor Khin’s heart for the lost and were blessed by her testimony. She used to be a staunch Buddhist and it took 10 years for Pastor Kathy’s mother to reach out to her. Although Pastor Khin is already 58, she is very passionate to reach out to the Buddhists and has a burden for the Mon State in Myanmar, where the influence of Buddhism is very strong. She believes that breaking the stronghold there will spark forth revival in Myanmar.


Daughter Church Outreach

The team also ministered at one of the daughter churches in Nga Su Taung village.  About 60 people (including children) attended the meeting and 5 people responded to the salvation call and 4 came up for prayer for healing and rededication.  The presence of God was very strong at that meeting.


We visited 3 different orphanages- Brother Caleb’s, Brother Tuang’s and Pastor Nandar’s.  At each orphanage, we sang songs with the children, presented a skit on the different organs within the body and how each and every single one of them are fearfully and wonderfully made for God’s plans and purpose (Psalm 139: 13-14), sat down with the children as they drew their ambitions and the dreams that God has placed in their hearts, and presented the children with Christmas gifts.

At both Brother Caleb’s and Pastor Nandar’s orphanages, we were amazed by how spirit-filled the children are. We felt the shift in the atmosphere when the children started praying in tongues (they sounded like an army) and almost everyone in the team was moved to tears. We were amazed at how the children memorized Scriptures and were very disciplined in taking responsibility to manage the orphanage in cooking and house chores.

At Brother Tuang’s orphanage, 10 children responded for salvation. We are praying for these children and that God will continue to pour out his love for them and that they would grow up to be His salt and light.


Sunday Services

For the Sunday services, the team was divided into 3 to minister at the main church, Pastor Nandar’s and Pastor Napoleon’s.   At the main church service, there was a team of 31 medical workers from the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia who attended with the 40+ church members.  5 people responded to prayer for breakthroughs and many expressed that they were very blessed by the Word.  At the children’s church, a group of 10 newcomers from another orphanage in Yangon attended the service and they were warmly welcomed by the children of the church.  At the end of the service, most of the children responded to prayer for different needs.  At Pst Nandar’s church service, about 80 adults and youths attended the Youth Service and 2 adults came up for prayer of rededication after backsliding.  At Pst Napoleon’s church service, nearly 60 people (mostly children) attended and 9 came up for prayer of rededication.

At Pastor Nandar’s church, as one of the members of our team was praying for members of the congregation who wanted to receive prayer/ healing, she herself was ministered to and was slained in the spirit, not once but twice.  The Lord touched her in a powerful way and her life is changed.

At the main church Youth Service, about 20 youths attended and 2 of them responded to committing their whole lives to the Lord to serve Him.


When we go on mission trips, we often expect to bless others, but more often than not, we are the ones who are blessed. Over the 7 days, we have been blessed by God’s goodness and provision, the testimonies, the friendships forged, the fellowship and the tangible presence of the holy spirit arising from the pure and joyous worship. We are thankful to be a part of what God is doing in Myanmar and we will continue to keep Myanmar and our fellow brothers and sisters that we met in this trip in our prayers.


We Receive More Than We Give

We Receive More Than We Give

Couriers participant Jeremy Tay who recently came back from his Myanmar trip (21-28 July) shares his experiences with us.

When Ps Cameron asked if I would go for the Myanmar trip even though only I had signed up, I said yes. Little did I realize what I had signed myself up for!

 If I could sum up this trip in a few words, I would describe it as one great adventure.  Travelling with people I barely knew or could speak to, I rode a boat down one of the longest rivers running through Myanmar, trekked through mud that was knee-deep, braved torrential rains (and bathed in rain water too), and ate farm mice (which by the way, tastes like chicken, but more tender).

 I tagged along with Ps Joseph and his team comprising of students who were on this field trip as part of the School of Ministry program. The primary objective of this trip was to encourage and strengthen the local churches in the Delta region, including Cornerstone Myanmar’s youngest daughter church at Ahmar. In total, we visited two local churches, one medical outpost  (near the mouth of the river joining the sea, the area known as the “Mouths of Ayeyarwady”) and our daughter church at Ahmar.

 Looking back, there are 3 things that captured my heart.

Firstly, one particular event that stood out to me was a visit to a member’s home in Ahmar.

A storm was brewing as we were making our way to there. Halfway into our journey, the torrents came crashing down. We made a brief pit-stop and decided to carry on. By the time we reached the house, we were drenched.

As the sky darkened, I could barely make out the faces around me. With a few torches and some make-shift lighting, we looked at one another soaked to the skin, and there were smiles all around. We greeted the family and started with a time of worship. As we sang, the presence of God fell on us in such a tangible manner. It was truly a beautiful moment as the Father of lights stepped into our house amidst the darkness and the storm. We gave an altar call and some of the family members responded. After praying for them, they testified that they felt His presence and one mentioned that his mind was clearer.

 Secondly, it was the sincere, passionate worship I was so blessed to have experienced. Spontaneous eruptions of praise and worship would happen during our boat rides. In the meetings we had, everyone raised their voices and sang with their hearts. I could literally feel the intensity of their worship, even though I could not understand Burmese. There was something about the way they sang. It wasn’t merely melodies with words; it was a deep cry unto God.

Thirdly, the thought that keeps coming back to me is the privilege of being a part of His work in Myanmar. It wasn’t just the times of ministry or meetings that blessed me, it was also having the opportunity to experience a different culture, to fellowship with the family of God and hear their stories of God’s work in their lives and church.

More and more I am aware that God has a really big plan laid out for His people. It is the master chess player who understands every piece and strategy, seeing multiple steps ahead, making a calculated move. I am but a piece of the puzzle, and I feel humbled and in awe that God would allow me the opportunity to participate in His work here in Myanmar.

People always say that you receive more than you give whenever you go on a mission trip. Without a doubt, I have been blessed by this trip.

A Glimpse of Heaven on Earth

A Glimpse of Heaven on Earth

A report of our 21-29 Oct 2012, Cornerstone Couriers Team to Yangon, Myanmar.

The team

“Heaven on earth!” were the exact words that Huiping, a fellow team member, used to describe our recent experience in Yangon, Myanmar. Truly, ought we to expect anything less if we worship and serve the great God of the Nations? As much as many of us might see our involvement in missions as an act of stepping out in obedience, what is often overlooked is that we are at the same time stepping into a glorious God-given privilege where the Lord desires to pour forth His love in and through us, even as we seek to proclaim the good news of His Kingdom throughout the nations. Needless to say, our lives were indelibly transformed over a period of eight incredibly blessed days.


Shortly after touching down, we were packed into a taxi truck with our luggage and ushered to the morning adult service at Cornerstone Myanmar. Despite the rush, however, we found ourselves immersed in a sweet atmosphere of worship as hearts sang in unison to the Lord, and His presence was tangibly felt. Aunty Ruby preached a stirring message on the story of Zacchaeus, whilst some of us ministered to the little ones at Sunday school. At the afternoon service, I shared a message about the Holy Spirit, after which an altar call was given to those who desired greater intimacy with Him. As we laid hands on different ones, the Lord moved powerfully in many hearts.


During our debrief session that evening, Aunty Bee Lay shared that she saw open heavens and rivers of living water as the ministry time went on during the service. Little did we know that this was to be a prevailing theme (and promise!) throughout our time in Yangon as the days unfolded. We had the privilege of visiting Ps. Nandar’s church and children’s home on the second day, where we witnessed such beautiful, heartfelt worship that offered us a precious glimpse of “what heaven looks like”, as described by team leader Laurencia. She taught on living a life of faith at the church seminar, after which people took turns to share testimonies and we prayed for the sick.


Our time at the different children’s homes was a tremendously blessed experience. Even as we went with the intention to minister, our hearts were deeply blessed by the generous love and hospitality that we received from the children. At Divine Mercy Home, the little ones prayed for us with such spiritual fervour and intensity that demonstrated the sheer power of simple, child-like faith. We were also greatly moved by the beautiful chorus of worship that rang through their hearts as they knelt singing together in the Spirit. It was a precious sight to behold, and this sweet harmony of voices will ever resonate in our hearts each time we remember these dear beloved ones.


At the Cornerstone church in Nga Su Taung village (about an hour’s drive from Yangon), the team conducted a mid-week seminar where Huiping shared her testimony of healing, and Jeremy delivered a powerful message on boldness in evangelism, alongside several others who gave their personal testimonies. The Lord’s presence was clearly manifest throughout the meeting, and both Josephine and Aunty Ruby shared that they saw angels surrounding the people as they worshipped God through songs and dance. As we laid hands on those who came forward for prayer, we witnessed many miracles of healing as lives were deeply touched and transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The team also had the opportunity to minister amongst the youths who were clearly a generation radiant with their spiritual hunger and desire for the Lord. In addition to the youth cells facilitated by Daniel and Jingyi, our time in Yangon culminated with the Youth and Intercession Conference organised by Ps. Mattheus van der Steen, where hundreds gathered to intercede for their land in preparation for the upcoming Gospel Music Festival, and both Ps. Yang and Ps. Nicky Raiborde were present to impart a fresh baptism of fire. As the trip drew to a close at the end of the conference, our hearts cried “Thank You Lord, for the privilege of being part of history making in Myanmar!”