PAK 01: Bless Pakistan

17th – 23rd October 2017



The Preparation


Even before the start of the trip, God displayed His faithfulness when the team applied for the visas. For a country that is typically difficult to get into, the success of the application of a team of so many people displayed His hands upon this trip. But we came together in prayer and fasting, in faithfulness we trusted God and surrendered the trip to Him.



The Team


We are a team of 10 people who were assigned to help minister during a 3-day Bless Pakistan conference. It was held at the nation’s capital, Islamabad on 19th-21st October, 2017.  Some of us were nervous as we kept hearing of negative news about the place and even on the conference, but we were also excited to see what God is going to do through us during our mission trip.


Our journey began on the 17th Oct where we flew from Changi to Lahore via Bangkok and met the local church team.  We reached Lahore around midnight and drove from Lahore to Islamabad the following morning.  To our surprise, on our way, we noticed there were many Western food chains in the country and how developed the city was!


Fellowship over Food


On the first day in Islamabad, we managed to spend some time with our brothers and sisters in Christ from the local church over lunch.  We enjoyed the local dishes and had the opportunity to get to know them better, whilst encouraging each other in Spirit.


Food was good and we had many occasions to fellowship over meals. We never went home hungry.



The Conference (19-21 Oct)


We witnessed the mighty move of God during the conference.  It was a historic event for the church of God in Pakistan as this was the first of such a Christian conference, and in a national landmark – the Convention Center of Islamabad.  God is raising up His mighty men and women of Pakistan.  We also witnessed God’s amazing work of reconciliation over the churches in Pakistan.


Pakistanis really have the heart for worship; they sing with all their might and full of gratitude. They are hungry for God’s word and presence, and He was indeed present at all the meetings.


On the final night meeting, the team had the opportunity to give a word of knowledge and the privilege to pray for the people. There were no dry eyes as many were healed, touched by God and repented.


We are thankful to be part of this historical event and we believe that this is just the beginning of many more breakthroughs to come.


Thankfully, the conference went well. During the conference, we were careful and had security personnel following us, but we also knew we had God’s mighty army watching over us! After the conference, we went back to Lahore and stayed there for one night.



Back in Lahore (21-22 Oct)


Worship like a child


We attended the Sunday service at Cornerstone Community Church Lahore. Our task was to conduct the Sunday School service and we had so much FUN with dancing and singing! Their worship was pure and filled with so much love. The atmosphere brought us to the understanding of the verse from Matthew 18:3-4, it says, “Assuredly I say to you unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.”



Back in Singapore


Too short a trip but our hearts continue to Bless Pakistan!

Written by,
Isabel Vanessa Tan & Jesse Cajita on behalf of the team
PAK 01, 2017
Islamabad & Lahore, Pakistan

Riding on the Threshold

Here’s a testimony from the team leader of our Couriers 2011 Pakistan team (PAK01, 14-19 Jul) with the marvelous happenings of their recent trip…

Our first meeting in Pakistan was an evening revival meeting. God has been moving in such powerful ways recently that the church has been holding evening revival meetings frequently. Through these meetings, many have seen verified healings of cancer and tumours disappearing. In our particular meeting, we felt led to pray for those who are suffering from arthritis, and to our amazement, we saw almost a dozen healed of various arthritic pains. The senior pastor told us after the service that they have been crying out to God for a breakthrough in the area of arthritis recently.

"The LORD our Healer"

The next day we spoke at the youth service of the church. We spoke about the Father’s love for every individual and how precious they are in the eyes of God, that it is the love and grace of God that empowers us to live free from sin. After the message, we saw dozens of young people coming forward to the altar to respond and receive the Father’s love.

"More of You, Jesus"

On Saturday evening, we started our cell ministry training seminar and continued on Sunday and Monday evenings. The youth ministry started 5 cells after the youth camp during our previous trip in December 2010. They have since seen the youth ministry grow from 80 to 100 plus. We taught on how to run cells, shepherding etc. We also challenged the young people to grow and multiply their cells.

The little ones

During one of the evenings, I shared a brief testimony on my recent trip to Mozambique, followed by the senior pastor’s preaching on bringing the spoils of war into the house of God. The fire and presence of God was tangibly present in that service, and we spent time praying for the young people, and for those who felt the call of God to full time ministry.

It was amazing to hear from the church of all the miracles they have been experiencing recently in Pakistan. All these experiences and sharings have left a deep impact not only upon me, but also upon the team as well. The senior pastor has been challenging the church to be carriers of revival wherever they go. This challenge simply resonated with what God desires to do in and through us back here in Singapore. Together with Pakistan, we believe that our nation are on the threshold of a full blown revival.

Let’s keep pressing on!

May the fire spread throughout the nation

Miracles in Pakistan

We got several reports of miracles and the Spirit moving from our team in Pakistan. Here are just some of them: “Our local pastor was preaching in a village on Friday night while we were preaching in another. A woman who was paralyzed stood up and walked while he was preaching! Meanwhile we saw God healed people’s stomachs and leg injuries at where we were!”


Land of The Pure

Pakistan – the mention of this name suggests danger, chaos and terrorism but the true meaning of the word in Urdu is the Land of the Pure. When I was first asked if I would be interested in going for a trip to Pakistan, I was very excited but I must admit fear ran through my thoughts. It did not help that on the week we were suppose to go; three bombs went off in the city of Lahore – the city we were going to minister in. Having been assured by Ps Lip that the trip is still on, I trusted the Lord that everything would be alright. (more…)