Cornerstone Couriers

Short-term missions that make a long-lasting
difference to the nations



Short-term missions that make a long-lasting difference to the nations

Cornerstone Couriers” is Cornerstone’s annual short-term missions focus in the nations. The name is derived from the metaphor of “faithfully delivering” the Gospel to a foreign land. Missions received a renewed vigour in Cornerstone with the launch of our Couriers programme in 2010.

That year, almost 300 of our members went on short-term mission trips, and we have since made this programme an anchor in Cornerstone’s calendar.

Our Couriers programme’s vision is the first step to what we believe missions to be — to “bless & be blessed”. This programme is open to all, from new believers to mature sons and daughters.

Couriers 2018 Registration is closed!

We will open Couriers 2019 Registration in the first quarter of 2019. Keep your eyes peeled!

Couriers 2018 Forms

Please note

For Under 18 Participants

Please have your parent/guardian fill out the Under 18 Acknowledgement form for your application to be processed.
You may download the form here and submit it to or collect a physical copy from our office over
the weekend and submit it to us the following week.

Registration closes 14 May 2018!

Thank you for being part of
Couriers & Heart 2017!

Your going forth to the nations have blessed many; thank you for sowing, loving and giving to the nation.
Many good reports of healing, breakthroughs and salvation have come back from the places you have been,
and we are excited to have you on board with us again this year!

It is fascinating how God can use our lives, including who we are and what we are doing back in Singapore, to speak to the youth in Africa. As one of the youths heard the message, he decided that he was going to choose faith over fear, and thereafter testified about his breakthrough!

Tang Wai Hong
Bujumbura, Burundi

As the trip drew near to the final day and we finally bade farewell to the children at Pelita School, we knew that God was working within all of our herats a compassion for the children we’ve met in the various places.

Nicole Lee
Surbaya, Indonesia

In those five days we fed the homeless, gave out clothes and necessities to the poor, visited those in prison and those in homes. We sang, danced, acted out stories, and played games with one another, but the key takeaway for us was truly coming to knowing God more.

Genevieve Lim
Marikina, Philippines