Nation Facts

General Population: 23,875,100 (June 2015 est.)
GDP per capita: $46,400 (2014 est.)
Largest Religion: Christianity
Christians: 14.9 mil.
Evangelical Christians: 3.1 mil.
No. of people groups: 175
Unreached people groups: 18
Fastest growing religion: Buddhist
Official language: English

Zion Fellowship Perth was started in November 2003, with a  congregation of only 6 people.  It has since grown to a fellowship of almost 100 people that meets in a suburb of Perth.  The church is known for its strong teaching and onward vision.  They are also active in missions, with works in both Indonesia and China for many years. In 2015, they held a training in China (together with China Alive, Singapore) to which more than 100 pastors came from many different provinces.  They have adopted a total of 26 village churches in the area of Napu, Indonesia.


Zion Fellowship Church (Perth, Australia) is led by Pastor Philip Chia, who was a former project manager of a multi-national corporation. Pastor Chia has been in full time ministry for thirteen years. He and his wife, the church’s associate pastor, Irene, have lived in Australia since 1997 and have three children.