Burundi Flag


Nation Facts

General Population: 11,079,895 (June 2015 est.)
GDP per capita: $900 (2014 est.)
Largest Religion: Christianity
Christians: 7.7 mil.
Evangelical Christians: 2.3 mil.
No. of people groups: 12
Unreached groups: 3
Fastest growing religion: Muslim
Official language: Kirundi, French. English use widespread.

Cornerstone Community Church (Burundi) was planted in 2011 in the northern city of Kayanza.  The church experienced explosive growth and now contains 29 churches in the nation.  The church reached into regions that are traditionally not Christian and have seen a great number of converts to the faith.

The extreme poverty of the nation leads to abundant needs and the church responded by starting schools, farming projects and orphanages.  Despite the riots and curfews in 2015, the church continues to grow and making a different in the community.

The two Cornerstone ZMI Burundi Bible Schools were also planted in 2011 in response to the need to train pastors and leaders throughout the nation. Since it started, there is a great interest in the class every year and has more than 100 graduates.  The students come from all various types of backgrounds, ranging from the professionals to the village pastors.



Bible Schools

Primary Schools

Pastor Jerome Ininahawe leads CSCC Burundi and her related ministries. He is a man of faith and action who studied internationally before returning to Burundi to start a church. Pastor Jerome is married with three young children.

Pastor Theophile Ntakamurenga is the Director of Cornerstone ZMI Burundi. He is a well-respected leader in Bujumbura and is an architect by profession, with decades of ministry experience.