Nation Facts

General Population: 1,361,512,576 (June 2015 est.)
GDP per capita: $12,900 (2014 est.)
Largest Religion: Non-religious
Christians: 105 mil.
Evangelical Christians: 75 mil.
No. of people groups: 549
Unreached groups: 456
Fastest growing religion: Christianity
Official language: Putonghua (Mandarin Chinese)

Cornerstone’s mission work in China is led through China Alive (our Chinese ministry in Cornerstone), which has been in existence since 1997. God has given Cornerstone a vision of reaching into this mammoth nation, and we have. Although the work in China is daunting, the vision that God has given Cornerstone fuels the work there, reaching into many parts of China. More than 300 members of Cornerstone have been a part of missions to China in the last 18 years, with dozens of people joining trips each year.

In 2015, Pastor Lim Lip Yong and Pastor Nicky Raiborde conducted a leadership conference in May, where pastors and leaders were trained and blessed. In one city, an evangelistic worship concert was held to bring the Gospel to the local people.



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