Nation Facts

General Population: 255,708,785 (June 2015 est.)
GDP per capita: $10,600 (2014 est.)
Largest Religion: Muslim
Christians: 36.9 mil.
Evangelical Christians: 13 mil.
No. of people groups: 778
Unreached groups: 220
Fastest growing religion: Christianity
Official language: Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)

Cornerstone’s involvement with Indonesia began in 2008. Our current work includes churches, orphanages, halfway houses for unwed mothers, schools and training centres in the cities of Bali, Yogjakarta and Surabaya. It is a privilege to partner with our local ministers, strengthen their congregations and bring the gospel to their communities.



Primary Schools

Pastor Henry Parera is the Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Bali and its daughter churches. Pastor Henry is a man of prayer and intercession and leads the church together with his wife, Alexandra. Being a missions-oriented church, their church has been reaching out to the Balinese community through 2 children’s homes, a kindergarten, a learning centre, and strategic prayer ministries around Bali.

Pastor Soleman Samuel is the Senior Pastor of Livingstone Church in Yogjakarta. He is a Muslim convert who has been in Christian ministry for more than 20 years, with a deep burden to reach out to the Muslim community. His ministry includes an orphanage, taking in abandoned children from the community, transforming their lives with the love of Jesus.

Monica Stephanus leads the Pondok Hayat ministry in Surabaya. She is a woman of great compassion for the needy and her ministry is passionately pro-life. She oversees a home for abandoned babies, an orphanage for children, training for single mothers, and a weekly outreach to the slum community.

Pastor Paulus Lau leads Cornerstone Faith Church in Surabaya, reaching out to the English-speaking and young adults communities in Surabaya. His church joined CGN’s apostolic covering in 2016.