Nation Facts

General Population: 30,513,848 (July 2015 est.)
GDP per capita: $25,100 (2014 est.)
Largest Religion: Muslim
Christians: 2.6 mil.
Evangelical Christians: 1.2 mil.
No. of people groups: 183
Unreached people groups: 57
Fastest growing religion: Non-religious
Official language: Malay (Bahasa Melayu)

Cornerstone Community Church (Miri) was planted in 2014.  From a starting group of 8 people, the church now has a weekly attendance of more than 200 people across three services.

God sent unusual miracles to enable the church to pay for their renovations and signboards. This also led someone to donate a brand new van to the young church which was desperately needed. The church believes they have been given these blessings so they can be a blessing to others. The church has a passion for raising up apostolic leaders and ushering revival in Malaysia. They have also been involved supporting other churches and ministries in Miri.


Pastor Sabrina Low grew up attending CSCC Singapore and was a zone leader in Generations and a full-time member of CSCC staff before moving to Miri in 2013 and then started the church in 2014. She is a fiery preacher who has ministered in many nations.