Nation Facts

General Population: 109,615,912 (June 2015 est.)
GDP per capita: $7,000 (2014 est.)
Largest Religion: Christianity
Christians: 86.4 mil.
Evangelical Christians: 11.6 mil.
No. of people groups: 199
Unreached groups: 31
Fastest growing religion: Non-Religious
Official language: Filipino (based on Tagalog), English

Since 2004, three churches in Philippines, Marikina, Santiago and Novaliches, joined the Cornerstone Global Network. From that time on, the churches continued to grow and give witness to their local community.

Cornerstone Community Church (Novaliches) is a vibrant church. Planted in 2004 with just 10 members, it has since grown into 3 different congregrations with over 4000 people. The church has an evangelistic focus, and reaches effectively into the community with medical, dental and feeding programs to the people of Illocas Norte.

Cornerstone Community Church (Santiago) quickly grew into a network of 14 churches.  Embedded deep in the church’s DNA is community outreach, as her pastors, leaders and memebers are extremely active.

Cornerstone Community Church (Marikina) joined in 2010.  From a congregation of 20, it has now grown to four churches of over 500 members.  The church is active in community outreach with boys’ and girls’ homes, old folks’ homes and as well as regularly visits in their prison ministries.


Pastor Fred Abad is the Senior Leader of CSCC Novaliches and her related churches. Pastor Fred has been in ministry for many years and is joined by a strong team of leaders.

Pastor Bong Lagmay is the Senior Pastor of CSCC Santiago. Pastor Bong was one of the founders of the work in 2004, and succeeded Pastor Mark Ritchie as Senior Pastor in 2012. He is married to Margie and they have 3 children.

Pastor Katherine Cueson leads CSCC Marikina together with her husband, Pastor Monroe. Pastor Kathy is an accomplished musician and has a great heart for her community.